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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- The Hermit and His Drink
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/15/2012
Good pandaren brew well, and oddball pandaren, clearly, brew odd.

When you return to camp, it is to Elder Lusshan, standing before a group of Skyfire Marines and jinyu.  The elder thanks you for your help, claiming this as proof that his understanding of the vision was correct- you are (and have been) key to restoring the hope of the Pearlfin jinyu.  He goes on to say that without their leader, the hozen should break up into random wanderers again- and names you as a friend and defender of the tribe.  The Elder also proclaims a day of rejoicement, as the jinyu join the Alliance.

With the new weapon granted to you and the quest completed, you should now be Exalted with the Pearlfin faction, completing your main goal with the fishmen.  That done, it’s off to see the hermit.  Remember him?  The pandaren Lorewalker?  Right, off to the Southwest.  Cross the lake to the shore, and continue until you reach the far edge of the Amberfly Bog.  At the top of a small cliff there you should find the Dreamer’s Pavilion, a Pandaren-styled building with a wall around it and a small stairway leading up to the gate.

Curiously, there is no panda here- only a tiger, some cranes, and a riding bird... and a table with some dishes of brew on it.  One of these is marked as your quest recipient, so go ahead and poke it.

The house seems abandoned, and the brew encourages you (particularly with its scent) to try some- so you may as well go ahead.

This puts you to sleep and gives you a rather strange vision- the spirit of Lo’Gosh cursing about his sone gone missing- Anduin telling his father that he cannot return and must search for ‘The Vale’- and then he drifts into the air over the wall of the compound, which is abruptly overlooked by an immense Garrosh Hellscream, the red-skinned orc declaring all-out war on the whole continent.

After this confusing sequence, Lorewalker Cho arrives- he greets you in a very friendly manner, explaining that what you’ve sampled is his ‘dream brew’, which grants visions that are half illusion, half truth- and he has no way of knowing which part is which.  The pandaren walks up to stand before his house, waiting your further approach.

When you speak to him, Cho mentions that he’d heard of the arrival of ‘your people’, but was not expecting any to show up at his house at all.  Curious, he asks why you are present.  After an explanation about Prince Anduin Wrynn, the Lorewalker muses over the Pearlfin sending you to him.  After a moment’s thought, he says he might be able to help, but would like to know more about your people first.  He has some chores to do, and he would like you to help him with them while you talk.

You may look like a war veteran, he explains, but surely a few minutes to help him around his house isn’t too much to ask?