In addition, the Admiral wants you to do one more thing- despite the fact that the hozen are a chaotic and messy group of monkeys, they do have a leader- a heavily-armored monkey by the name of Chief Gukgut.  This one has been masterminding the attacks on the jinyu village, and can be found at the large pit in the hozen camp.  Since he’s out to kill you, you’re going to have to kill him.

This quest grants you a new weapon in addition to the money and experience you might expect.

When you leave Taylor, you are granted the four jinyu you trained as guardians, following you and aiding in the fight.

Fighting your way through the Grookin and Slingtails is a bit of an adventure- they mostly come in groups of four or more and have hundreds of thousands of health, dealing out some very significant damage.  Fortunately, your jinyu allies are virtually all tougher and stronger than you, so they go a long way towards compensating.  Keep in mind that the tank can only take one enemy’s aggro at a time, so using area attacks before the rest of the jinyu engage the hozen is not such a great idea.  In addition to the constant assaults of incoming monkeys, there are patrol groups wandering the camp- keep your eyes open so you don’t wind up gathering too many monkeys at once- there’s only so much you and your jinyu can handle at a time.

Curiously, Gukgut can be found in the exact same pit that formerly held the massive tiger.  The monkey waits there, unguarded, until you move in close or attack him.

Gukgut stands at 1580k of health (just over one and a half million), making his fight a bit of a long one, even with four fishman companions.  While two of his attacks aren’t much to watch for, they are amusing- his Simian Slap involves slamming his hands on the ground percussively for a single burst of damage, and the Banana Barrage is a series of clusters of giant bananas slid along the ground at you (or another target), which are easily avoided thanks to a long travel time and don’t deal all that much damage anyways.  The real threat is his Monkey Tantrum, which deals massive damage over a six-second period to anything in his very long arms’ reach.  Try to stay mobile so you can escape when the tantrum starts, as it will run your health right into the ground.

With Gukgut and sixteen of his recruits dead, it’s time to return to the jinyu village, leaving the rest of the monkeys to the other fishmen already fighting them.