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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- Teaching Old Fish New Tricks
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/15/2012
Now that you've armed and armored the fishmen, it's time to help them practice.  You have experience as a teacher, right?

At any given time during this quest, you will have only a single Adept with you- and during the course of your training them, you will train one each of healer, tank, melee DPS, and ranged caster DPS.  None of them has too noteworthy an ability- the healer will patch you up some as you fight, the tank will draw the aggro of one enemy until it dies and them move on to the next , and the DPS jinyu will both deal some noticeable damage.  Each of them starts out at level 82, gaining a level every second time you (and they) kill a wild animal.  While they start out having minimal effect, they quickly gain in strength and become much more helpful at handling the local wildlife.

The wildlife itself varies between unremarkable and dangerous- the Jeweled Mackaw don’t do anything special at all, for instance.  The basilisks will periodically create an oddly-shaped area of effect that starts as dust clouds, but after a second or two erupts in large spikes from the ground- this is to be avoided as best you can.  The real threat is the Wild Huntresses and Wild Stalkers.  Wild Stalkers are constantly hidden unless attacking, which means you can stumble into them at bad times, including mid-fight.  Given that even the tank jinyu only draws one enemy off you, this can be kind of dangerous.  Worse are the Wild Huntresses- these tigers are invariably positioned between two or three Wild Stalkers, who will immediately jump you if you attack the Huntress.  This can easily create a fight you’re just not prepared for (unless you are a tank yourself), so be very wary of that.

Since the jinyu themselves aren’t terribly bright about combat, you’ll want to be just as careful as though you were out killing things alone.  That said, a little care will take you a long way and you should have the fishmen trained before too long.

When you return to the village, Admiral Taylor tells you that he is very impressed with the change in the trainees, and you have done an excellent job by his standards.  He goes on to tell you that some scouts have been checking the Slingtail Pits, and the hozen there are building up reinforcements from nearby tribes North of themselves.

However, the forces of the Pearlfin and Alliance are gathered on the ridge Northwest of the lake, waiting for you to lead them into battle.  According to Taylor, this is the time to strike at them and rid the Pearlfin of the hozen threat for good.

In addition to a slightly large cash reward from this quest, Taylor also offers you ‘Fishy’, a new pet.