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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- Arming the Fish
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/15/2012
With all the help you've been giving personally, the jinyu are finally willing to accept the endorsement of the Alliance itself- so it's time to go out and help them in the name of a side, rather than the name of yourself.

Karasshi’s quest for you is a quest for your own objective, rather than his.  He tells you that he can see how important finding Anduin is to the Alliance, and is offering the location of someone important- a pandaren Lorewalker and expert on the land of Pandaria.  He says that he can make no promises of how you will be recieved, but guarantees that the Lorewalker will want to know about you as much as you do about him.  He can be found Southwest of the Pearlfin village, and you are to say that you were sent by the Pearlfin.

Admiral Taylor, meanwhile, wishes for you to help the Pearlfin themselves.  He has spoken with the Elder of the village, and the two have concurred that the best way is for the Alliance and the jinyu to work together.  As part of this, he is offering military expertise and weaponry to the fishmen so that they can be stronger allies against the Horde.  He gives you a crate of equipment, that you are to distribute to the Pearlfin Aqualytes around the village.

The Aqualytes are easily found scattered around the village.  Each of them tells you, when you speak to him, what it is that he prefers to do with his skills- it’s your job to match the gear you offer to the skills they describe.  In each case, you can offer a shield, a book of healing prayers, a caster’s staff, or a set of daggers.

Aqualytes who ‘shape water and unleash it’ are right for spellcaster’s staves, making them competent offensive wizards.  Jinyu who are ‘strong’ and ‘take the brunt of attacks without fear’ are right for assigning shields, as they are the tank-warriors of the lot.  One says that he has warrior training, but ‘nobody knows’ he has greater skill with spellcasting- to this one you should give a staff.  Aqualytes with ‘quick swords’ and ‘steady feet’ who ‘enemies must deal with’ before others also are looking for shields.  Those ‘drawn to the healing arts’ need the books, as do Aqualytes curious about healers accompanying warriors onto the battlefield.

Clearly, the various cues are easily read, so make sure you’re offering each Aqualyte what they seem to desire from their equipment.

When you return, the Admiral congratulates you on a job well done and says he’s got a new task for you- dealing with some new trainees.  You are to take them Northeast into the wilderness and kill various wild animals with them until they’re prepared for battle.  Specifically, he wants you to kill 24 wild animals with the Pearlfin Adepts’ help.