Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 71 – Wildlife Preservation, Part 3: Bloodwing

Bloodwing has gone from the size of a terrier to the size of a very small car because of Eridium. Mordecai is not happy about this and close to speechless. When the battle starts, do not fire. You need to wait a minute for your objectives to change. Once it says, “Weaken Bloodwing”, then you will be able to hurt her. At that point, start shooting at her.

Bloodwing is an exceptionally mobile target. As such you need to avoid using slower moving shots for the most part unless she is right on top of you. The only time in combat that you can hit her otherwise is when Jack tells her to change elemental types. She will pause for a few seconds. Use that time to hit her with rockets and their ilk. Just remember to use Non-Elemental damage or something that is not the type she is at present.

Universal Attacks
Dive Bomb – Bloodwing swoops in and bites at the Vault Hunter
Claws – Bloodwing moves in and swipes at the Vault Hunter
Type Change – This moves the battle through its 4 phases: Slag, Fire, Shock and Corrosive. Each time Bloodwing changes Elemental types, her health restores fully.

While Bloodwing is this type she can spit fire and breath it. She also takes reduced damage from the same element weapons.

Think of the Fire-type, now replace all of that with Electricity.

This is the final type of damage that she will transform into. Avoid corrosive-Type weaponry and just focus on nailing Bloodwing whenever she gets close.

Fighting Bloodwing
If you have a Rocket Launcher with massive damage and multiple hits, have it on hand and ready. While Bloodwing is flying pull out your best Non-Elemental gun and fire it at her. Whenever she changes types or lands is when you will want to pull out your Rocket Launcher. More than anything, keep moving. Throughout the fight Mordecai will send supplies to you. Grab the ammo and save the skags in case you need a second wind.

When Bloodwing is Corrosive-Type you need to be careful. Get her low on health then start nailing her with smaller damage, no more rockets. Just bring her low on health and then Mordecai will take her down with a tranq dart. The fight comes to an end. Jack remembers the final type and kills of Bloodwing. Collect the chip and leave the Preservation for Sanctuary.