Congratulations on acquiring a copy of the Lego Universe MMORPG! Loads of fun await you and your child in this awesome game.

This guide will walk you through installing Lego Universe on your PC, as well as creating your Lego Universe account. This is an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) which takes place online, which is why you are required to create an online account before you are able to play the game.

Make sure you have the minimum system requirements, which are as follows:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit), with the latest Service Packs
Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 3000+
512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM with Windows Vista and Windows 7)
5 GB free HD space
NVIDIA® GeForce FX 5700 series / ATI Radeon 9600 series / Intel Integrated GMA 950 or equivalent –128 MB VRAM and latest video drivers
PC audio solution containing Dolby® Digital Live required for Dolby® Digital audio
Broadband Internet connection required

Insert the game DVD into your DVD drive. On most systems the installer should automatically start, or pop up a window with the option "Install Lego Universe". If this is the case, select that option. If nothing happens after you insert the DVD, navigate to "My Computer" and double click on the DVD Drive. This should begin the installation process.

lego univere installer

Read the instructions and hit "Next" after each screen. It is recommended you choose to create a shortcut for the game on your desktop. You will also be presented with a license agreement, which is standard for all MMORPGs. Read through it, scroll down, and check "I accept the terms of the Licence Agreement", and then click on "Install". This will now begin the installation of the files onto your computer, which might take a few minutes.

Lego Universe Files being installed

While you are waiting for the files to install, click on "Create Account" to go to the Lego Universe account creation page.

Lego Universe Registration

Click on "Sign Up" to start the registration process and create your Lego ID. Your Lego ID is your free account on which will  also let you play the Lego Universe game. Follow the instructions, choose your username  and enter your details on the next screens.

Lego ID

Once done, you will be sent an activation email to the email address you provided, if you cannot locate that email make sure to check your junk box. Click on the link in the activation email, and put in your password. This will take you to the product registration page.

Lego Universe Activation

Locate your activation code on the back page of your user manual which came with the game. it should look something like FFGGR-MT3WR-GVVFR-WRFR2-RR46V.

 Fill in your activation code, and check the boxes confirming you have read the terms of service and that you are either 18 or older or have a parent/guardian to accept the account agreement, then click next. Congratulations, you have registered your Lego ID and are ready to play! YOu get one month of free subscription, after which you will have to subscribe for additional months in order to be able to continue playing.

Installation should have completed by now. Check the installer, it should say "Installation Complete". If not, wait for it to complete. Press "Play" to start the game. Since this is your first time launching it, the game will download all the latest files so that you have the latest version, this can take a few additional minutes, or more, depending on your internet speed. Once this is done, hit PLAY again. You are now all set to create your Lego Universe Minifigure!

Have fun venturing into the awesome Lego Universe!!