Do you know somebody who has a closet full of sports cards? Or perhaps a friend who has his room filled with old school video games and systems. Building collections is a lot of work. It costs lots of money to build a good collection. It takes time to find all the rare items. Item can quickly fill up valuable space in your home. If so, why do people still collect things?

Different people can have different reasons to build a collection, and here we bring you some common ones:

1) Childhood memories
People miss the toys they used to play as children. The old school style video game systems for example. When they grow up and actually have the money to buy these things themselves and not rely on their parents, they go collect these items for good memories?

2) Fun
People have fun collecting stuff. As simple as that.

3) Investment
While many people collect items as a hobby, others may be investing and hoping that their collection will rise in value as years go by. This is not easy and if they are not careful they will lose more money then they can make. In cases like these it is important to gain expertise in the field and use guides such as to get an idea of how much all items are worth.

4) Fandom
Some people like certain stars or celebrities. For example a person who really enjoys the Star Wars movies might collect Star Wars memorabilia. Another person who is a fan of a certain celebrity might collect any memorabilia related to that celebrity.

5) Achievement
It can be a really fulfilling feeling for people to complete a collection. Know that they own very rare items. Not only this can make people feel proud of themselves, but also grants them bragging rights with their friends and family. It is a good sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Still, with all the positive reasons to collect, one has to be careful that the collecting activities not become too big a part of their life. People should remember it is for fun and not become too obsessive with collecting, risking losing money and friends.

Do you have your own collection of anything? See if you fit under one of the above categories. Or maybe this article has made you want to start collecting something yourself. Be sure to look around's rarity guides and articles to familiarize yourself with rarities and prices.

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