Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 70 – Wildlife Preservation, Part 3: Finding Bloodwing

Having dealt with the skags, head through the door into the Stalker enclosure. Be sure to have collected the next few samples of Slag that were to the right of the door in the skag area. Move forward carefully along the road that skims the edges of the stalker enclosure beneath it. Use the bars to provide some cover from the different types of stalker that Hyperion has down there. Fight on through to kill them off. There is also a new kind of stalker, Cyclone that likes to block bullets a lot like a PWR Loader. Just blast them with explosive and it should not be hard to take them out.

When the stalkers are dead, drop down into the enclosure and follow the river over to its drain. There you will find the 7th Slag sample for the optional objective. Now head over to the Northwest. Deal with the few stalkers that appear and cross through the walkway into the area beyond it.

This part is clear of stalkers so just head for the stairs at the Northern end of the enclosure. Follow the walkway at the top of the stairs along the building. It will drop down into another Skag enclosure. You may hear Rakks but it is unlikely they will attack you. Just focus on the skags and pushing your way through to the West. Fight through all the close ones but they are the warm up. Toward the back of the enclosure you will encounter an Elemental Badass Skag (more often than not: Badass Fire Skag). If this skag joins the fray and lets out a howl then it will change all the skags around it into Fire Skags. Focus your fire onto the Badass first to eliminate the threat it presents.

With that skag dead head on to the Southern wall of this skag enclosure. You will need to fight through a small group of Combat Engineers. Defeat them and head through the door. After that you have a legless, invulnerable, Loader who will greet you if you have the side quest, “Doctor's Orders”. Move past it and down the hallway to the left of it. There you will see some Combat Engineers and Loaders. This group of Loaders consist of 2 waves. The first consist of BUL Loaders so explosive damage is a great asset. After that you have EXP and PWR Loaders. Switch to Corrosive weaponry and go at them. You will also need to deal with a few Engineers who have a power suit and a laser attack. Just handle them like the Combat engineer and anything else with flesh. Any of these can drop a Slag Sample so be sure to pick it up.

When you have cut through them push onto the East. You will have a few more Engineers to worry about. Look around though for a small room along the Western Wall. There you will find 2 more Slag Samples to finish out the optional objective. There are more to be found if you have not yet completed it. Head up the stairs in the Southeastern corner to find more Loaders at the end of the tunnel.

Fight through these to the West to push on toward your goal. You will be dealing with GUN, PWR and EXP Loaders so be careful. Be sure to aim low for the PWR Loaders to get around their shield. Fight through them all and head to the central Western Wall. There you will find 2 more Slag Samples and the button that will lead you onto Bloodwing. Just head forward into the big arena.