Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 69 – Wildlife Preservation, Part 2: Surviving the Habitats

Head over to the Eastern part of the habitat. There you can climb up onto the road there and explore it some. If you head to the end of it, and turn to the Northeast, you will notice a massive mushroom cap you can leap onto. Do so, then turn to the left and look at the nearby ledge. Time requires some precision. Run from the edge of the mushroom and leap at the top of the cap and you will make it onto the ledge. This leads to revealing one of Mordy's Secret Stashes which is loaded with ammo and some nice loot as well. Now hop down and head for the door to the East into the next part of this area.

Once inside this building use the vending machines to clear out any excessive weapons that you have collected. Now head toward the exit of this building. Go up the small staircase and you will notice there are 2 more Slag samples you can collect. One of the Eastern side of the lab and one on the Western. Collect them both then head out into the next habitat.

This habitat just looks simple. While you have only stalkers, one of them is a Badass. Kill off the others when they get in the way but otherwise focus on it. That thing is massive and can do a lot of damage. Still, once it is gone it is a lot easier to deal with any survivors. With all the Stalkers dead head through to the West into the next section of habitats.

This next part is a big change from the rest of it. You have a few waves of Loaders to deal with. After them is when you will need to worry about the stalkers. As you head over tot he West towrd the next bulding you will encounter 2 big problems. The first is a Badass Stalker and the second is a Super Badass Loader. This is a time for corrosive everything against the Loader. Move and use cover to keep your shields up or to minimize the damage from some of its incoming attacks. If you can isolate this Loader then it gets a lot easier to take down with corrosive weapons, especially one with a high rate of fire.

After taking down the Super Badass Loader you will find your way into the Specimen Maintenance Area. Head on through to just past the second elemental Skag. Now look to the right and you will find a  small room with some nice look in it. As you enter, look to the right to find numerous small boxes. Open these one at a time because more often than not they will contain Loot Wee GUN Loaders. Blast them away and pick up all the ammo that they drop. You will also find the next slag sample in this room along the Eastern wall. After that then head for the door under the Bloodwing sign. Hit the button to open the door. Go inside and approach the tree. You will find a number of feathers at the trunk of the tree. Grab one to trigger the next part.

Unfortunately Bloodwing is not behind that door. The problem is Jack wanted you there and is now releasing all those Skags on you. Tear into the Badass Skags immediately. There will only be a pair but there are a number of adult skags that will take on their elemental characteristics if they get close enough. By fighting through the skags you will clear the way forward.

Before you leave this area, head over to the Skag enclosure along the Southern Wall. Before you go through the Stalker Door, look to the right. You will find another lab with 2 more Slag samples that you can claim. Grab them then move into the Stalker area. You should have collected 6 of the 10 Slag samples at this point.