Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 68 – Wildlife Preservation Sidequests: Doctor's Orders

Tannis, in Sanctuary, will ask you to get to her journals relating to her Slag research. While some people might have felt it was wrong she felt it should be pursued. She will ask you to head to the Wildlife Exploitation Preservation to find and collect the notes that she is looking for.

ECHO Record 1
Start by heading to the Southeast to get deeper into the Preserve. Once you get through to the first part of the Preserve and have fought through the skags head up the pipe and look to the left. You will find the fisrt part of the Slag Research that Jack ordered. Doctor Samuels shows some reluctance about this but Jack has his ways apparently, and good ones.

ECHO Record 2
Specimen Maintenance Area. Just to the right of the Bloodwing sign you will find a small room. Head in there and open the second box from the left. Be careful opening the other boxes as you will likely encounter small loot Loaders that you will need to kill. Just open them one at a time to prevent getting swarmed and losing out on some loot.

ECHO Record 3
Just to the South of the Skag Enclosure accessed through the Stalker Enclosure you will find a Hyperion building. Inside it you will encounter a Hyperion Loader acting as an Experimentation Greeter. This one will stand out a bit as it cannot be hurt so save your bullets. Just wait for it to get through its rant. Now look behind it to find a button. Press that to reveal a hidden panel that contains a gun and the next ECHO Recording.

ECHO Record 4
Head to the Southeast from the Reception area into the warehouse behind it. Head up the stairs and toward the final marker in the Southeastern corner. Once you deal with all the Loaders and are by the large metal shutters it is time to go through the final obstacle between you and this ECHO Recorder. There are 4 cages in the upper Southeastern corner of the Observation Wing. On the leftmost cage you will find a lever. Throw it to release a number of stalkers. Kill them all then look in the rightmost cage to find the final recorder.

When you can, return to Sanctuary and give this recordings to Tannis.

Rewards: 3859 XP, $434, Green Handgun/Blue Relic