Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 67 – Wildlife Preservation, Part 1: Breaking In

Head on out to the Wildlife Exploitation Preservation to the Southeast of the Highlands. Once inside, head South along the Western edge to find a rock bridge going across the stream. Take this and its windy path upwards toward Mordecai. Just head up along the path and you will arrive at Casa De Mordecai. When you approach him he will explain that Hyperion managed to grab Bloodwing while she was giving Mordecai the time he needed to get away. Looks like it is time to go and rescue the bird. Talk with him to start the mission up properly.

Time to get into the ship yard and help out Bloodwing. Just drop straight down from Casa De Mordecai and start off toward the Southeast. After all the Stalkers it will be a nice change when you approach the first gate. There are a few Loaders to deal with around here. Head over to the gate after them and try to open it. It will detect you and release more Loaders. Now is the time to pull out the corrosive weapon and go to town on the Loaders for a minute. Mordecai will think of a plan in the mean time.

When it is time to work on Mordecai's plan, change over to something more standard without any Damage Over Time effects. You want to injure 3 Loaders now to call out Repair Surveyors. This can be tricky but using criticals it can be very easy to do. Just get 3 of them to call out and the door will open. From it you will see some Repair Surveyors and a small number of Combat Engineers appear. Now you can go to town and kill them all.

With those outside the Wall dealt with head behind it. You have a small break to reload and health up some with passives. After that continue South. There you will encounter a few Loaders with Combat Engineers supporting them. It just more difficult from there. Take that small group out then a much larger one will attack you. You will find BUL, PWR and GUN Loaders coming at you with at least one Badass Loader thrown into the mix. Toward the end of it you will find another small group of Combat Engineers will appear. Kill them quickly. If any of the Repair Surveyors show up, kill them just as fast.

When that mass of Loaders has been dealt with then you want to start heading to the Southeast. Go up the stairs and another group of Loaders, a Surveyor a few Combat Engineers will appear. Fight your way up to the top where you will need to worry about an EXP Loader. Deal with it then turn to the right. It is time to break into the first part of the Preserve that sits nearby.

Once you get inside Mordecai will explain more about what the Preserve is honestly doing. He really does want you to get Bloodwing out of there. Now, you cannot go forward through the gate in front of you so turn to the left and drop down to the ground below through the hole in the railing. Kill of the Skags that come charging at you then head to the East. Use the pipe in the area to get up to the observation room to pass through to the next habitat. Be sure to look to the right as well to grab the slag sample that is by the entrance.

In this habitat you have Rakks and Stalkers to worry about, plus Jack calls and lets you know he was planning on luring you in here anyway. Head over to the East and you will also encounter a BUL Loader with a Repair Surveyor for good measure. Deal with them both and keep going to the East. When you can, start to the Northeast. As you cross under the bridge Tannis will contact you and ask you to collect some slag samples from the wildlife there. As you go to the Northeast in the second habitat be on your guard. You have some samples to collect and you will now be dealing with both Skags and Stalkers. Mix your fire appropriately between using Fire-type to tear through the Skags and shock-type to deal with the Stalker's shields and fire to get through them.