Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 66 – The Fridge Sidequest: Note To Self-Person

Head on over to the Frigid Cleft. This is the most likely location where you will encounter a Goliath in this area. Kill him carefully so that you do not blow off his helmet. If his helmet is removed then all chances of the recording seem to vanish. So kill him without him raging.

Getting the Goliath to show up can be an exercise in patience. You want to head out into the Frigid Cleft along either the Eastern or Western side. This seems to cause either a One-Armed Bandit to spawn or the Goliath. Just save and quit, to reload the Frigid Cleft and keep trying to get the Goliath.

After you kill the Goliath, more often then not he will drop an ECHO Recorder. Pick it up and accept the mission to begin it. Head for the Rat Maze, with Laney White and her 7 midgets who guard the entrance. As the bonus objective is to kill 10, these 7 are a great start. You will find it in the Southern part of the Frozen Cleft.

Once inside the Rat maze you need to weave your way through. Loot the big chest by Laney's and the midgets beds then continue to the South. The room with a cleft and you will be facing more Rats. These are mostly Field and Tunnel Rats, with a Midget or two thrown in. Move into the next room and it is much the same.

As you get closer to the room you will start dealing with Rats in the corridors as well. Just kill them all and keep moving toward the marker in the next large room. This will lead you into the Crystal Claw Pit. Deal with the rats in this room then approach the marker. When you clear the ice there are a few more Rats that appear.

Once you clear the ice and loot the chest then you will need to face down Smash Head. He is a massive foe with a shield. He also has a trio of midgets that ride on him and throw axes at you. This means that area blast on him are very effective to rack up some quick kills with the little guys and get some damage to spill over to him. Just blast away and keep it up. It takes some time but he will go down. If he has any riders then they will come charging at you. Compared to him though, they are mighty weak and very easy to kill. Your efforts will get you reward when you open the the chest.