You’re sent into control of Amber- who lets you know that Lu is watching over the Commander- who directs from his pallet that she kill some of the hozen.  Amber explains that she then headed to the top of the mountain with her gun- leaving you to do just that.  She observes him and explains that she could just barely spot him- and he says for her to shoot the guards so he can move in.

While you have no commands right then, you will automatically shoot and kill any hozen you target- so make sure you get all the monkeys.

Once you clear out the guards, Sully moves out and up the hillside, prompting you to do it again- with a smaller group of hozen.

The dwarf plants some explosive barrels for Amber to shoot at, shout-whispering at the monkeys as he does and leaving you to shoot the barrels.  Each barrel you shoot blows up, setting the related building on fire- and then Sully moves on down and to the right, giving you a new set of guards to take out.

Sully exclaims he’s spotted a Horde crate, which he moves to inspect- this time you’ve got moving targets to shoot, so that you can keep the Hozen off of Sully.  This takes a bit of prioritizing- Hozen coming from the bottom or left are going to be closer to Sully, so you should shoot those first when they appear.

After a short time, the dwarf moves on, confirming that it’s a Horde crate- and the next screen presents you with several orcs in addition to the monkeys.  Amber explains that it’s clear things are worse than feared- the Horde are not only present, they’ve allied with the hozen.  It’s time to get Sully out of the camp- but you’ve got to shoot up the orcs too.

This is the most challenging of the screens, as there are hozen spawning and moving in on Sully regularly, forcing you to turn attention to them and away from the orcs.  Still, there are gaps in the spawns, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.  Once the orcs and monkeys are all down, Sully says he’s returning, running down the slope and out of the monkey camp.

This ends the flashback sequence, leaving you to talk to Amber, who explains that the White Pawn was not found, but something more important was learned- the Horde are working with the hozen and arming them as well.  According to Amber, there are now thirty times as many Horde and hozen combined as there are Alliance forces present.

She then gives you a brand new ring for the trouble you went to listening to (and guiding the group through) the story.

Returned to the camp, you now have two new quests- one from Admiral Taylor, and one from Bold Karasshi.