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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- The Raccoon, the Witch, and the Statuary
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/14/2012
It's kind of like 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe', only with less allegory, less traveling, and more shouting.  And an orc.

You’re flashed back to control of Lu, who explains that Rell was doing poorly as the group moved.  Amber says Rell is getting worse and needs rest- Sully lamenting that Mishka is not present, as her healing skills would be very useful.  Lu, meanwhile, notices a Pandaren hut and points out that there must be Pandaren nearby, and Pandaren are allies.

Amber compliments him on his quick thinking and tells him to go find the locals and take Sully along.  The dwarf insists that Socks go as well, to which Amber assents with a bit of a sigh.

Now directing Little Lu, you’ll need to check the sign nearby.... which depicts a ‘No’ circle crossed by a set of claw marks.  Lu calls the sign ‘not welcoming’, and Sully blows it off, declaring that no sign will stop him (or Socks).  Continuing up the road leads you near a hut with a number of jade statues outside it.  You’ll need to inspect a Lifelike Jade Statue.  Lu explains that the statues were all over the place, and seemed very lifelike.  Sully just mentions that there are a lot of statues.

Among these statues of pandaren children are two that stand out- a Jade Statue, which appears to be of a Hozen, and a Suspicious Jade Statue... of an orc.

Lu mentions he’d never seen anything like that statue.  Sully is incredulous, and exclaims over the statue being of an orc- and the Horde’s possible presence.  The fishman goes on to say that a pandaren woman came out of the house then.  You will need to go speak to her.

This is Widow Greenpaw, The Jade Witch.  She greets Lu and Sully as children, and you, as Lu, must ask her for help with an injured friend- to which she responds by inspecting the two before her.  She notes the jinyu- and calls Sully a ‘Beard-Sprite’.  The agent explains to her that he is a dwarf, and requests some food- but her response is that the duo will make excellent additions to ‘her family’.

Lu says that he finally understood what was going on, but was just barely too late- he shouts to Sully that the woman is going to turn him into jade, as those are not statues- they are former people!  Fortunately for Sully, Socks leaps into the way and is turned into a statue instead.  Bereaved, the dwarf flees, shouting for Lu to follow.

You are returned to the camp then, to talk to Lu- who notes that everyone made it out alive... except for Socks.

Amber cuts in, noting that the important thing is not that the raccoon was turned to jade, but that there was an orc there- and she offers to give you the remainder of the story.

Apparently the last bit of the group’s tale takes place outside of a large hozen village, wher they set up camp in the mountains.