Amber tells Rell to save his energy- Sully was there too, after all, and the dwarf can explain what came after Lu’s question.  Sully is pacing restlessly, and explains that Amber’s being found and alive is pretty much the only good news they have.  Sully’s report takes you further North to a clearing, where the group stops.

Rell requests the group stop and make camp.  As he calls the group ‘agents’, Lu wonders a bit that he’s been named an agent, but Rell ignores this to continue giving directions.  He asks if Sully has an axe- the dwarf doesn’t, but he’s ready enough to make one.  He asks if Rell wants to cut trees or people- Rell insists it’s just for wood.  The elf then directs Lu to gather wood for a fire, Sully to scout to the West, and Amber to cover Sully.  The dwarf explains to you that he had only an old scope to use- but that would do: anything he shone the light on, Amber would snipe.

You’re left in control of Sully, who will periodically be attacked by ‘Lurking Tiger’s.  He has no attacks and virtually no healing rate, so you’ll want to make sure that you target the tigers and use the scope’s targeting ray ASAP when one appears.  You have three locations to check out- one gong-shaped shrine due West, across a small river, one further West near another river, and a final one way off to the North by a large pool.  The first shrine yields nothing, but the further West shrine gets some commentary from Rell- he found nothing there as well, but a raccoon started following him!

Just after he decided to name it ‘Gizmo’, though, Amber sniped it, despite Sully not shining the light.

A second raccoon approaches the dwarf moments later, who names it Socks and runs off with it before Amber can get a chance to snipe the poor critter.

The North shrine again yields nothing, and more commentary to that effect from Sully.  His return to camp is far more eventful though, as he arrives to a prone Rell being beaten on by a Hozen.  As with the tigers, you need to shine the light on the monkey, prompting Amber to snipe the thing.

The flashback ends, leaving you to check in with Sully... who concludes that this is how Rell got beat up.  He then DOES NOT CRY.  And turns you over to Lu for the next part of the story, unwilling to go over the remainder.

Enthusiastically, the young fishman (fishboy?) takes over the tale, saying that the group continued North.