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Mists of Pandaria (Alliance)- Future and Past
By Nick M. Facer
Published on 12/14/2012
Are you tired of having epic destinies fortold to you about the events added in the game expansions yet?  Too bad.

The elder thanks you for bringing the instruments, and begins the ceremony.  Intoning an incantation to the ancient spirits of water, he requests the spirits’ aid for the jinyu tribe.  This conjures a fishman made of water who begins to speak to Lusshan.  This water spirit speaks of a coming darkness and the waters drying- an image of Lusshan is struck down by Hozen, followed by an explanation fromt eh spirit that strangers from across the sea will be able to bring the jinyu through these harsh times- he is to seek the strangers’ strength and add it to that of the Pearlfin.

As the spirit speaks, an image of you appears, and smites the Hozen that have struck Lusshan down.  Contemplating this, and the Alliance flag that shows as a final image, Lusshan considers that this may mean the Alliance must be trusted despite the insularity of the jinyu.  He then returns to his temple, leaving you to seek out and speak with Bold Karasshi once again.

Karasshi has seen the vision from his vantage point, and asks your opinion- he considers it clear that you have some vital role here.

This is when you will likely notice that Rell has returned... passed out face-down on a litter.

He has some dire news to give you- and requests that you hear him out now.  For what he has to say is needed by the entire alliance, and time seems to be running out.... and he is dying.

You are then taken forward to something of a cutscene- Rell, Sully, and Lu have encountered a fallen tree with something odd- a crashed plane- and you are given control of Rell.  Sully checks the plane, and finds, apparently, Amber- one of the agents the plane belongs to.

Apparently, Amber was attacked by monkeys- she drove them off, but more are coming.  This leaves you with Rell to combat the coming hordes.  He directs Lu to keep Amber alive and Sully to keep the plane from exploding.

You are left with Rell’s three attacks to fend off three Hozen elites and their general- Rik-Rik.  This is relatively simple, so just stab away and don’t worry about it.

Once the Hozen are driven off, Rell returns to the plane and directs Sully and Little Lu that their goal is instead to get Amber back to the main camp- the sniper rises from the plane, though, and insists the change in intent is not needed- she will be well.  Sully argues against this, on the grounds that she’s nearly dead- but she insists she will heal and that finding the White Pawn is more important.

Lu, confused, asks to know what the White Pawn is, and why attacking the Hozen is not the goal.

Rell’s explanation trails off into coughing here, just as he’s about to explain that something or someone was found- coughing that gets some blood out of his lungs.