Fujin, nearby, is offering another quest- the Pearlkeeper is in a bit of a panic as he seems to have left the Elder’s ceremonial instruments at Moonwater Retreat when the jinyu escaped the place.  Sadly, Moonwater retreat is surely overrun with monkey-men by this point, leaving Fujin with few good choices.  Head in his hands, he begs that you aid him by retrieving the ceremonial objects from the monkeys around the village.

This quest is to collect four items: the Waterspeaker’s Staff, Ceremonial Robe, Jade Crown, and Rosewood Beads.  They can be found in the possession of Slingtail Stickypaws in Moonwater retreat.

Moonwater Retreat itself can be found off to the East and slightly South of Pearlfin Village.    The path there is easy to locate- Ot-Temmdo’s anvil is right next to the set of stepping-stones that head in that direction.  Keep an eye out to the right of the path for the branch that leads to an additional chunk of Pearlfin Village.  Shortly after that is a small encampment of Slingtail Stickypaws to the left of the path, a good place to start your search for the Elder’s ceremonial items.

The next branch to the right leads to the Moonwater Retreat, your current goal.  Other than the Stickypaws, who are only notable for their ranged ‘throw loot’ attack, there are no enemies to be found in the Retreat.  This makes gathering the items relatively simple, particularly when some of the Hozen carry two of the four items together.  The corpses of the jinyu left behind are scattered everywhere, and each structure holds at least one within it, so picking up mementos isn’t difficult either.  Interestingly, there is a large statue in the middle of the Retreat that contains a brief explanation of what Watersmithing is and how it works- though it doesn’t seem to be significant to much (at least for now).

After a couple of minutes smashing monkeys, you should be ready to head back to the Pearlfin Village.  Karasshi is thankful for your help with the Pearlfins’ memorials, and Fujin even moreso for returning the instruments to him.  This is quite a change in tune for the latter, who proceeds to offer you the chance to observe the waterspeaking ceremony of Elder Lusshan.  He tells you that with this endless war against the Hozen, the life of the tribe is anything but certain- hence the ceremony.  Lusshan has chosen to conduct the ceremony in the hope of being guided by the water.

Towards this end, Fujin bids you to bring Lusshan’s instruments to him, as you have arrived just in time for the ceremony.

Lusshan waits in the center of the island, beside the pool where a large globe of water hovers.  You will need to step up and talk to him.