Once you’ve got the turtle flanks, it’s time to go have a talk with some fish.  The easiest to find is Pearlkeeper Fujin, just to the Northwest of Rell.  The Pearlkeeper is wary, and opens the conversation by pointing out that despite your claims of peace, you are very well armed and armored.  When you request a chance to prove your intentions, he merely turns away, exclaiming that the Pearlfin were once dominant in Pandaria- until they trusted the Hozen, a mistake that he claims led them to dwindle down to the solitary village you are in now.

The next fishperson you can find is Elder Lusshan.  This one waits in what seems to be a temple at the top of a hill just bast Pearlkeeper Fujin.  Lusshan asks you whether you intend to flow with events, or make your own way across them despite their influence on you.  When you explain that you are from the Alliance and wish to ally with the jinyu, the Elder temporizes.  Offering to think about your request, Lusshan asks you to consider- a rock dropped into a lake, much like any action, creates many results.  Friendship, after all, is a decision that can affect many things.

If you head South from the temple, you will eventually encounter a group of jinyu training with swords, under the watchful eye of Instructor Sharpfin.  When you approach, Sharpfin explains that the Hozen strike through guerilla tactics, often outwitting the fishmen with their traps and surprise attacks.  You not-so-smoothly nonsequitur that you and the others from the Alliance come with peaceful intentions; Sharpfin is uninterested, though.  He tells you that actions are much more telling than discourse, and he is busy training troops.

Finally, to the East of there, you can find Ot-Temmdo, hammering away on a curiously leaf-shaped anvil.  The waterforger explains that while your people use fire and force to shape metal into weapons and armor, he does so with water pressure and an understanding of the densities of metals.  He explains that he is forging weapons- something he considers regrettable, as not so long ago he was instead making instruments to play at celebrations and prayers.  He complains briefly and mildly about the war’s existence and its impact on him.

The tasks completed, it’s time to return to Rell.  He complains of the lack of time to spend, as the prince may be getting farther and farther away the longer it takes- and demands the tortoise flanks.  When you turn them over, he thanks you briefly and gives you some Tortoise Jerkey, a simple recovery food.

As far as the conversations are concerned, he seems confident that you’ve done well in your talks with the jinyu.