Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 65 – The Fridge Sidequest: The Cold Shoulder

Another mission Scooter has for you up in Sanctuary will send you into the Fridge. Apparently his girlfriend has been brainwashing into becoming a Cannibalistic Rat. He wants you to grab her favorite flowers and food and go present them to her to snap her out of it. He also ask you to look out for Girl magazines while you are on your way in.

Girly Magazines 1
Head into the Fridge. Just through the first Rat Camp you will find the roadway that hugs the frozen water beneath. Head along the bridge until you find the radio in the Northeastern corner. Look behind it to find the first of the Girly Magazines.

Girly Magazines 2
Stay on the roadway and turn to the Southern end of it. You will see a husk of a car next to a burning trashcan. Hop up onto the car and look down to find the magazines.

Girly Magazines 3
Head to just South of the Roadway and over to the burned out Van that is nearby it. Go to the Northern side of it and look inside to find the final magazines.

Find Flowers for Laney
Head into the Icemaw Grotto. Head to the Northeastern area and you will little trouble finding the flowers that Laney likes, Bladeflowers. Be careful as there are a number of Volatile Crystalisk in the area. You can either kill them with quick melee attacks or carefully aimed shots at their legs.

Find Pizza for Laney
Head to the Northeastern area of Icemaw Grotto. You will find an old Pizza Truck that crashed into the area. Deal with any new Crystalisk that appear then start climbing all over the wreckage to find more pizza. The first 4 pieces are all around the old truck. Once you have those turn to the Southeast on the truck. You will see the final slice sitting on top of a pillar. Head up the slope to the Southeast into the Frigid Cleft and go to the left as soon as you can. Move to the ledge of the overhang carefully. You will be able to simply drop down onto the pillar with the final slice from there.

Finding Laney
Time to un-brainwash Laney from her Cannibalistic group. Head to the South into the Frigid Cleft again to the entrance of the Rat Maze, which is presently locked. She will enjoy the present until Scooter reveals that he sent you. At this point Laney White and her 7 Midgets come out at you. If you can kill either Laney or the midgets without killing the other then you will get an achievement. With that in mind, just blast away at Laney or the midgets, whichever presents the better target. Blasts help with the sheer area they cover. Nova shields are also good for keeping you on your feet as you face off against all them.

Head back to Sanctuary with the Girly magazines after that to finish this mission out.

Reward: 4204 XP, $972, Custom Character skin