Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 64 – The Fridge Sidequest: Swallowed Whole

Talk with Scooter in Sanctuary to get this mission. He will ask you to track down someone who defaced on the Catch-A-Ride machines without his say-so. He last heard that this fellow was hiding in the Fridge and has sent you after him.

Head into the Fridge and cruise to the North. Start into the Rat's camp and work your way over until you can move to the East into a cave. Once you can get in there, fight through all the rats there. After that just head for the small jut in the cave that leads deeper into the rock. You will find Shorty inside a Stalker that has eaten him. You are given the bonus objective of freeing Shorty using a Shock-type weapon. This is very doable and just requires some preparation.

Follow the Stalker as it runs through the cave. The Shock-type weapon is very handy against Stalkers to tear through their shields and make it a lot easier to kill them. Clear them out carefully to avoid getting swarmed for when you go after Sinkhole. Sinkhole will run away until he gets to the Northern most point of the Fridge. Take your time getting there. There is at least one Badass Stalker that will try to stop you.

When you have taken out all the Stalkers before Sinkhole you can move forward to deal with Sinkhole itself and any of the Stalkers around it. Kill them off then focus on Sinkhole. Sinkhole stands out as it alone has a glowing midget inside its stomach. Just pay attention to where the midget is and it will be problem at all for you to blast through Sinkhole's shields and into its flesh.

Once Sinkhole goes down then the Midget is free. It is no tougher than your regular varieties of it. This means just give it a good blast or two with a solid weapon and you will complete this quest. At this point just head to Sanctuary whenever is convenient to collect your rewards.

Rewards: 4204 XP, $972