Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 63 – Caustic Caverns Sidequests: Minecart Mischief

This side quest is found inside the Caustic Caverns in its Northern reaches, to the West of the Guardian Ruins. When there look around for an ECHO Recorder on a post. The foreman will command you to find and escort a minecart from its present location to the Crusher that is found elsewhere in the Caverns.

Head over to the West from where you get the ECHO Recorder. Fight your way over to the West through the Crystalisk. When the terrain finally slopes up head over to the left and onto the mine cart track. When you get to the mine cart you will find another Crystalisk is there waiting for you. Deal with it and approach the marked mine cart. Tannis will get in touch with you and talk a little about how Dahl once was interested in the minerals found on Pandora.

Approach the cart and start pushing it along the track. As you reach the first airlock you will a couple of badass Varkids to kill them at least 4 Volatile Crystalisk to deal with as well. Open the airlock and Tannis will have a little more to tell you on the history of Dahl here.

On the other side of that door is the Abandoned Mining Camp. Be careful here as there are a good number of threshers. Pause pushing the cart so you can deal with all the Threshers. After that head back to the Minecart and push it forward to the second airlock. Once again, look to the left of the door to find the valve to open the door.

Beyond the second airlock you will find a wave of Varkids waiting for you. Fight your way through them as Tannis explains more about how things came to be on Pandora through the history of Dahl. Just push the cart through the door then stop. Head forward and summon out all the various Varkids that are waiting in the area. From the top you will need to face a small swarm of Adult Varkids. From below, after the Adults, you will a meager swarm of Larval Varkids to deal with.

Beyond all that you will finally come to where the crusher is. Push the mine cart of the ledge and then head to the to the nearby lever and pull it. This will start the crusher and suck the minecart in. To make sure you were not bored waiting, a swarm of Varkids will attack you now. Fight your way through them. About the time you finish the mine cart should be pulverized and you will have 5 pieces of raw Eridium. Now just interact with the rock that the Eridium came from to finish out the mission.

Rewards: 3859 XP, 4 Eridium