Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 60  – The Overlooked: Shields Up, This Is Only A Test

Shields Up
This is a very simple mission to start. You need 5 Shields that you no longer use. You can also just hit up Dr. Zed's and pick up 5 just for this purpose. If you do not want to spend that kind of money then it is time to go hunting the Stalkers, Threshers and anything else that moves in the Highlands. It only takes a little while either once.

When you have 5 shields head on top of the Grinder. Now drop the 5 shields into the Grinder from above. It may take a few tried. It is recommending to only through one shield in at a time. While it is very possible to throw all the shields in at once, it is hardly accurate and you may wind up with only a fraction of the digistruct cores that you need.

When you have all 5 shield cores return to Karima and give them to her.

Reward: 4812 XP, $173, Green SMG/Green Shield

This Is Only A Test
Time to put that new shield to the real test. Karima will ask you to head to the nearby Hyperion Outpost so she can confirm that the shield can withstand the Orbital Blitz. This means you need to head up to the Hyperion Outpost above Blake Bridge.

Head to the Catch-A-Ride and start off to the Southwest. Go through the tunnel and over the first 2 bridges. After the second bridge hang a sharp left and head over to the entrance of the Hyperion Outpost. Be sure that you have a Corrosive Weapon on hand, there are a lot of Loaders to find in this area and you want to be ready for them.

Head intot he complex and pull out your Corrosive-Type Weapon. The first group of Loaders you will encounter just inside the complex. The second is when you move toward the next set of building. They will be exculsively GUN Loaders. Once you take down the second group of Loaders you will need to deal with a small group of Combat Engineers. Kill them immediately. These Engineers are a lot like the Repair Surveyors but you can light them on fire. Just beyond that small group of Combat Engineers though you will find a pair of Badass Loaders determined to kill you. Respect that some with Corrosive-Type shots to their vulnerable eye.

After all of that head toward the marker to the North. As you get close to the Mortar a door to the East will open up and reveal your next challenge: HOT Loaders. Be careful as they can take down your shields without too much trouble then it is onto them roasting you.

With them down head up the stairs to the left of the building the Loaders came from. From there you can easily reach the controls for the Mortar. First hit the button on the left of the console. After that, interact with the valves to adjust the position of the Mortar. Finally, hit the button on the right-hand side of the console to fire off the round. After that, adjust the cannon once more and fire it at Overlook which has its shield on now and Dave is no more. After the test fire return to Overlook to collect your reward.

Rewards: 3208 XP, Purple Shield