Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 61 – Sanctuary Hole Sidequest: Safe and Sound

Time to head on back to the hole that was Sanctuary. You get this quest from Marcus inside his shop. Apparently when Sanctuary took off it left his safe behind. He hardly wants bandits to get his guns for free. He sends the Vault Hunter back to the Hole in the ground where Sanctuary was to find his chest and kill the squatters inside the hole. You have the bonus objective of killing 25 of the squatters. Honestly, this is very simple, just make sure that you do not send too many Goliaths on rampages.

Head on out to Three Horns Divide, grab some wheel from the Catch-A-Ride and head over to the old entrance of Sanctuary. Head over tot he North and fire your way through the numerous waves of bandits that are there. You have Suicide Psychos, Regular Psychos, Goliaths, Nomads and Killer/Elite Marauders. Fight your way to the North and get to the elevator that rests there. Turn the wheel on top to call it up then use the wheel in the elevator to lower it back down to where it came from. Be ready for when it stops.

On the lower level of the Sanctuary Hole you have more Bandits trying to kill you. Head through where the shutter door was to move forward. There is a Goliath, a number of Suicide Psychos, Marauders and some Nomads to deal with here. Kill them all. Be careful if you approach the generators as they will arc electricity out to you and take down your shield then inflict damage on you. Head on up the stairs after you have dealt with the Bandits and head out through the door to the South.

Once back outside head the short distance remaining between you and the entrance to the Caustic Caverns. Head to the right and use the wheel to lower the elevator down to the next level. From there just head the short distance down the stairs to the entrance of the Caustic Caverns.

Now that you are in the caverns, take a moment to clear out any junk you picked up. There are a lot of new things to deal with here. Start heading to the North to get into the Caverns themselves. Approach the massive door and look to the left to find the lever to open it. Now that the door is open through and turn to the East. Be careful as there are a number of Varkids waiting on the other side to kill you. Deal with them and then off to the East. Be careful as there are a number of Volatile Crystalisk in this area. Those are best dealt with by charging them and hitting them with melee attacks. Fight through them all as you head North and to the East to make it over to the marker.

When you make it out to the safe you will notice it is on a blue crystalline structure. Pull out a rocket launcher to get ready for this fight. As with any other Crystalisk, focus your fire onto the crystals on its legs. It will get a few attacks off but be careful. It can also spawn smaller Crystalisk that will come chasing after you. Keep firing on Blue and take out the crystalline structure on its legs to bring it down quickly.

Open the chest on its back and you are good to return to Sanctuary for your reward. Moxxi who wants the contents offers a Shotgun while Marcus will offer you a Relic.

Rewards: 29203 XP, $308 ($616 with Optional Objective), Blue Relic (Marus)/Blue Shotgun (Moxxi)