Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 59 – The Overlooked: Medicine Man

Get started on this quest by heading to Overlook. Once there go over to the marker to the left of the Bounty Board. You want to approach the door in the metal pillar in that direction. After that, just knock on it to get things started. Your contact, Karima, wants you to climb up to the clock tower and get the battery from it. Head to the North of the Fast Travel Station. There you will approach the base of the clock tower. On the left-hand side of it you will find a ladder. Climb up it and turn around, Jump across the gap and take the stairs to your right up.

Head forward from the top of the stairs over to the ladder ahead on the left. Take that up then go left through the container to reach the clock tower itself. Grab the battery, Dave will complain but Karima will tell you to head for the dispensary machine, which is now marked, and get some Skull-Shiver Medication. You get it free from the vending machine. After that it is time to track down a traveling requisitions officers to get the next bottle.

Bottle 2
Head over toward the Northeastern part of the Highlands. You need to find this man and kill him, politely if possible. Take advantage of the nearby Catch-A-Ride to get whatever vehicle you would like and move out. Just head along the road and you will have no trouble finding the Requisitions officer and his 2 bodyguards. Gun them down as they will immediately start attacking you anyway. Once they are all down, get out of the vehicle and interact with the vending machine the officer has on their back.

Bottle 3
This bottle was apparently on a ship inbound toward Overlook but that ship wrecked and they lost communications with it. Time to track it on down. Head to the Southwestern portion of the Highlands. Head to Lake Shiny Horizon and down into the shallows of it. Underneath the bridge you will find the cargo containers from that ship. Head over to them, kill any threshers around then open up the container.

Distributing the Medicine
Head back to Overlook. It is time to give out this medicine and get it to all the residence of Overlook. Just visit the 3 marked locations then return to Karima. She will give you your reward.

Reward: 3208 XP, $692, Customization Color Scheme