Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 58 – Highlands Sidequest: Best Mother's Day Ever

Go around the Highlands and kill lots of stalkers. This is a random drop so it can take some time to get. Once you do find Taggert's gift for his mother you can start the quest itself. Taggert tells you that the present is locked in a specific manner. In order to open it up you will need to go to Taggert's lair to find the key. The problem is it is Taggert's fists so you need to get them out of Henry.

Head over to Hunter's Bane to the East of Overlook. Once there you will be attacked by 6 Ambush Stalkers that come at you in small groups. Defeat them all then Henry will appear. Henry is a very big stalker. Pull out an appropriate gun and start blasting away at it.

First, be sure you have a shock-type weapon or one very good at tearing through shields. Blast through the shields but track Henry carefully. This big stalker loves to jump around and give itself the time it needs to regenerate its shields. Get in just close enough to deal with Henry but aside form that keep your distance as it can kill you very quickly.

After you take down Henry, head over to the marked location in Hunter's Bane to find where to put the box. After that, interact with it using Taggert's fist to open it up.

Reward: 3208 XP, Purple Shield