The Mystery Foe Challenge is as follows:

Collect the 4 clues without being detected to discover who your target is and execute him or her. The target is chosen randomly each time you play.

You can try to find who your target is without all of the clues, but if you kill an innocent the challenge is over.

Do NOT get spotted, otherwise your target will try to escape. If he or she escapes, the challenge is over.


If you kill the right person without collecting all of the clues, you will receive a score bonus. Avoiding the guards completely is worth more than knocking them unconscious.

Game Over:

The challenge is over if the target escapes or if you kill an innocent person.

General Strategy: Use the chandeliers and curtains throughout the walkways to hide when the guards come around, and use the rat holes to move about the various rooms.

You will begin this challenge inside of an isolated room filled with floating books and a strange structure. You will want to begin by examining the area map on the wall by the double doors. It is a large, square arena styled map, although treating it as such will quickly get you killed. You'll have to be sneaky here.

Crouch, and wait for the guard outside the door to turn and head down the hall to the right. From here, sneak outside and to the right. If you turn down the left hall and into the purple room, you will find a large group of partygoers rife for the possessing, if you can avoid being spotted. Rat holes dot the area as well. Although each of the clues will be highlighted by objective markers and it seems as if some are located in the purple room, they are in fact not in the room at all. Thus, it's best to avoid this crowded room altogether and stick to the halls and rat holes.

Head outside of the starting room and look behind the first curtain to the right. You'll find a rat here. Possess the rat and quickly scurry through the rat hole across the hall. Follow the hole through the prostitute's room, up the stairs and into the study, where the first clue sits behind a stacked desk. Head behind the desk and leave the rat to grab the clue. Escape the room, which you'll notice to be guarded by two civilians, by either possessing one of the civvies or by putting them to sleep with your crossbow. Leave the room via the door, head to the right and around the corner. Head into the first room on your right and grab the second clue from over the fireplace.

Now, run across the hall and into the master bedroom. The third clue will be on a table in front of 2 civilians. Grab it and head out. The fourth and final clue is in the room all the way down the hall to the left, inside of a small study. Grab it and use the clues to figure out who the randomly-selected target is.