Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 57 – Highlands Sidequest: Stalker of Stalkers

Head to the Overlook Bounty Board where you can get this sidequest. Sir Hammerlock is after his friend's research so he can plagiarizer the daylights out of it to get information on stalkers. Time to track down the chapters that he wrote that are scattered throughout the Highlands in Stalker piles. They are a random drop so you will need to loot a fair number to find them all. It is a good drop rate through so it will not take overly long to collect all 5 recordings.

Stalker Locations 1 & 2
Start by heading to the East of Overlook. You will find 2 of the areas you need to search. Plus you can get a start on the optional objective of killing 15 Stalkers. Drop down the cliff to the East of Overlook. This will take you to Hunter's Bane. Here you have a number more stalkers to kill and there are even more piles to search

Head for the one just to the South of town next. Once you take out the Stalkers head to the overhang they came from and search the piles around there. One of them will have the Recorder you are look for. Just to sure though, check all the Stalker piles as there are sometimes multiple recordings in one location.

Stalker Location 3
Head to the Northeastern corner of the Highlands, toward Cranny's Shack. There you will find plenty more stalkers to kill and a few more piles to loot through. If you are just going for the optional objective, do not be surprised if you see the final chapter drop again. It will do that.

Stalker Location 4
The final location is in the Southern part of the Highlands by the Isotope Reclamation Tower. Just kill all the Stalkers around there and loot the piles. One of them will likely have any chapters you are missing.

With all that, head back to Overlook to turn in this mission. To get to the drop point, head up the slope into town, look for the small gap between the houses and head up it. Turn to the right and you will find the mailbox to deposit the recordings in.

Reward: 3208 XP, $346/$692 (With Optional Objective), Green Shotgun/Green Shield