Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 56 – Highlands Sidequest: Arms Dealing

Head to the Overlooked Bounty Board where you can collect this quest. It is one of the few timed quests in the game so it can be easy to fail. If you do, take a little time to clear out some enemies to make the next run smoother. Each time you make it to a pick up you will receive an extra 30 seconds added to the clock. This gives you 2 extra minutes to complete the mission but the distance is great enough you need virtually every second.

Head to the nearest Catch-A-Ride Station to Overlook and spawn a Light Runner, you need the speed over the durability from the Technical. Turn it to face to the South and hop out. Head up the stairs behind the Catch-A-Ride station to find the first Mailbox. Interact with it to start the timer and then grab the arm inside.

Mailbox 2
Turn to the South immediately and boost through the tunnel and over the bridges. Head all the way to the East toward Frothing Mill. Once there quickly hop onto the barrel by the shed to the East and from there onto the roof of the shed. Go to the end of it and drop down to the left to find the mailbox and arm. Turn around and jump onto the crate and from there the roof to make it back to the Light Runner.

Mailbox 3
Time to hit up Isotope Tower Reclamation. Head back across the stream and start up the nearby slope. Tear through the Stalkers with the guns to get to the top and get to the mailbox just behind the Loader door. You need to worry some about the HOT Loaders that appear here. From there jet off to the West over the ledge toward the next destination

Mailbox 4
Head to the West toward Mercury Induction Station. Land so you face away from the station itself. Approach carefully as EXP Loaders appear here. This is the one time where fighting them in advance is a good idea. Still, even with the time limit you can kill them all and still make it to the final mailbox with enough time to finish the mission.

Mailbox 5
Head out to the road continue over to the West. Jet over the banks and to Lake Shiny Horizon. Spin the Light Runner around just before the bridge leading out to the house. Run, ignoring the threshers, to the ladder, jump and climb it to the top. Grab the final arm and then sprint and jump for the Light Runner.

P.O. Box
Head up the slope and make a dash for Overlook in the Light Runner. Keep the turbo going as much as is sane. Once you are back in town dash for the Bounty Board. The PO box is right next to it. Shove the limbs in there to complete the quest.

Rewards: 1604 XP, $173, Blue Relic/Green Shield