Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 54 – Sanctuary Sidequests, Part 7: Torture Chairs

After you complete “Hidden Journals” for Tannis she will give you this quest. Unlike most quest, it actually happens inside Sanctuary. You must search around the town and collect 5 ECHO recordings for her.

ECHO Record 1
Head to the East from the Crimson Raider Command Center. Turn left to go down the alley before Marcus' Store. Look along the right-hand side of the alley and inside the dumpster that is open. You will find the first recording there.

ECHO Record 2
Head to the South now toward Moxxxi's. Before you go in, turn to the left toward the void that is now Sanctuary's Walls. Head through the opening in the fencing and look to the left. You will find the Recording just a little ways inside.

ECHO Record 3
Head through Moxxxi's and out it to the West toward Scooter's. As you descend the second set of stairs toward Scooter's turn to the left and head toward the ledge. To the left of the sheer drop you will see a very small fence and to the left of it a set of 4 tires. Look behind the one leaning against the others and you will find the third Recording.

ECHO Record 4
Head to the North now and head into Dr. Zed's. Inside there you want to look behind the curtain to the left of the operating table. This ECHO Recording is sitting out on the counter in plain sight.

ECHO Record 5
Head to the North once more toward Claptrap's Secret Stash. Find Claptrap who is likely just under his shelter and look at the shelving on the right-hand side of it. On the bottom shelf you can find the final recording.

With all the Recordings in hand return to the Command Center and give them to Tannis to finish out this quest.

Rewards: 2858 XP, $765