Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 52 – Highland Sidequests: Hidden Journals

ECHO Record 1
Start by heading out to the Hyperion Bridge. This puts you in the Southern area of the Highlands but it is a good place to begin the collection mission. Head out to the East from there, toward the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Head over to Frothing Creek Mill to zero in on the first of the four logs. You will notice 2 Hyperion Containers. Head for the one closer to the cavern and head around to the back of it. You will notice 2 sacks hanging from the ceiling. Destroy these to clear the way forward into the container and the first ECHO Recorder.

ECHO Record 2
Head to the North now that you have first log. The second is in Aggregate Acquisition. Head on in. Be careful of the 2 turrets that sit by the Southern entrance. Once inside you have a number of different Loaders to deal with. Head North through the compound. You have a lot of Loaders to deal with. It is when you encounter the combat engineers that you will want to worry a little as after them comes 2 Badass Loaders. Kill them then look to the East to find some stairs leading up. Head across the platform, dealing with the few HOT Loaders they have there and down the stairs on the opposite side. Follow the path around the bend and back to the facility. Once there work your way over to the Western side of the facility. You will need to fight your way through numerous combat engineers and a Constructor. When you make it to the other side of the bridge you have one final obstacle: BUL Loaders. Deal with them by working around their shields with Area Blasts and Grenades. With them down turn to the South and head toward the Marker. You will find the ECHO Recorder is blocked by an electrical field. Look up from the field and you will see a fuse box. Snipe it and you can get the second ECHO Recorder

ECHO Record 3
The Third Recording is found to the North once again. Head for the Blake Bridge. Once you make it there you need to head farther down. Head to the Western end of the bridge and look to the North. You will notice a stairwell leading underneath the bridge. Head for the stairs and take them down. Once underneath head to the East, looting as you go. Hug to the right so you can find the beams that are sticking out from the bridge's platforms. Take the first one out, turn to the left and hop to the second. This leads to an out of the way room with the Third ECHO Recording from Tannis.

ECHO Record 4
The final Recording is in the Northeastern part of the Highlands across the bridge, to the North of the Extraction Plant Fast Travel Station. Be careful getting here as there is a nasty Thresher that can appear in the pit off the road. Head toward the little Shack to the North of the Fast Travel Station. Be wary though as you are entering Stalker Territory. You will eventually enter Old Cranky's Pond where the Recording is located. Head out to the shack on the water to find it. Just behind the shack is a boat. You want to make it out to the boat to claim the final ECHO Recording.

With all the Recordings in hand head back to Sanctuary and pass them over to Tannis to get your reward.

Rewards: 2611 XP, 4 Eridium