Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 51 – The Dust Sidequests: Clan War: Zafords Vs. Hodunks

The whole conflict has come to its boiling point. The two clans are going to war. Head on over to the gathered forces. You choose your side by choosing which side you will be firing on. The different sides give a slightly different reward.

Getting to the Showdown:
Now that you know the reward is on each side you need to head over to the Southwestern corner of the Dust. There you will find the 2 sides gathered and facing each other down.

Siding with the Zafords – SMG: The Feculent Chulainn (Slag Type) Example Stats:
Damage: 81, Accuracy: 72.7, Fire Rate: 9.7, Reload Speed: 2.8, Magazine: 42, Chance to Slag: 33.8%

If you go and fire on the Hodunks then you are going up against Jimbo and Tector. These two work together. This makes them a bigger target. They can all be targeted at once with spread fire, grenades and rockets. Keep on the edge of the battlefield to limit your own involvement. This is also a great time to use your action skill to rack up a couple more kills without too much difficulty.

Siding with the Hodunks – Shotgun: Lump Landscaper Example Stats:
Damage: 177x4, Accuracy: 87.3, Firerate: 0.9. Reload Speed: 5.1, Magazine: 6
+51% Weapon Damage, Consumes 2 ammo per shot, Deals bonus Explosive Damage

Mick has a decided advantage as he can cloak during the fight very much like those annoying stalkers. This makes it a lot easier to track him once you have taken out the few Zaford grunts. Be sure to open strong as you have the first shot. Grenades and the Rocket Launcher are great for clearing out the Grunts quickly so you can focus on tracking and killing Mick. Splash damage is a great asset in this fight so keep it in mind.

When the dust settlers, report to either Tector and Jimbo for the Hodunks or Mick for the Zafords when the feud has been settled to claim your rewards:
Reward: 4812 XP