Borderlands Walkthrough Part 50 – The Dust Sidequests: Clan War: Trailer Trashing, Wakey Wakey

Trailer Trashing
This mission has a bonus objective: get to the location during the night. You will also want a fire-type weapon for it or explosive, failing that. Kill time by heading to Sanctuary to hunt down the weapon type if needed. After that, head for the marker that is by the Highland exit from the The Dust. When you get there the man who are looking for looks more like a bandit than a Zaford. Just run with it and talk with him to start the mission.

Head to the marker that is to the East of the Speedway. Once there it is time to start opening gas cans and lighting them on fire. For the closest on to the entrance hop up on the boxes on the North face then onto the Awning to reach the gas can. Open it up then fire with your fire-type weapon.

Turn around and head over to the next one. The tank is right by the front door. Once again, interact with the tank to open it up then fire on it. Went this one goes up you have at least 4 Hodunk grunts coming at you. Deal with them quickly then head to the next trailer.

The third trailer has the can to the East of it. Just set it off then head to the Northern trailer. This one has the can on its Northern face. So head around the trailer and you will find the can just sitting there. Turn it on, back away and shoot it.

Now it is time to head back to Steve. Get back into your vehicle and head back to the Highland exit from the Dust. Ellie and Mick have something to say in the mean time. Once there collect your reward.

Rewards: 3208 XP, $173/$519 with Optional, Green SMG/Green Rocket launcher

Wakey Wakey
Things are starting to heat up finally. Head on back to the Hoduck Speedway to get this quest. They want you to go to t he Wake for Lucky. Of course you will not admitted sober. Tector sends you to Sanctuary to get wasted then head to the Wake.

Head for Moxxxi's in Sanctuary and talk with Moxxi to get a trio of Golden lagers to get you good and buzzed. Head back to the Dust and jet over to the Highlands and Holy Spirit. Once inside go up the stairs across from the entrance and then turn and look for the Preacher. He is the first to die. Throw a grenade after that to start into the rest of them.

From there it breaks down into a solid fire fight against you. Keep to the higher grounds to keep an advantage over the Zafords. Start with Grenades and the Action skill, especially if it can handle multiple targets. From there just rain down lead on them to finish things out. If you die the good news is the New-U is just outside where you were fighting so head back into the room and continue where you left off. Once the blood is all over the place and the final fight as been declared, head back to Ellie's Garage in the Dust (via Fast Travel for convenience) to move to the final mission of this quest chain.

Rewards: 3208 XP, Blue Pistol/Blue Shield