Borderlands Walkthrough Part 50 – The Dust Sidequests: Clan War: Reach The Dead Drop, End of the Rainbow

Reach the Dead Drop
Time to get the Hodunks into the fight properly. Head over to the Speedway to get this quest. Once you have it, Paw Hoduck will send you out to the Highlands to get the Dead Drop that they have out there. Get into your Runner/Technical and head out to the Highlands once again.

When you are in the Highlands head for Holy Spirits. Once inside go to the second floor. You can find the stairs up directly across from the door on that leads into Holy Spirits proper. Once up there go to back right, by the vending machine to find the ECHO recorder that functions as your dead drop.

Rewards: 320 XP, $69

End Of The Rainbow
The Hodunks want you to tail the Zaford's bagman to his hidden stash. Head on down to the main floor and wait for the Leprechaun to show up. He is a small fellow who is hard to miss. Head on down and through the back door near the bar. Weave your way through the boxes until you approach a door to the North. The bag man will show up.

When it comes to tailing this fellow you need patience and you need to keep obstructions between you and him at all times. He is surprisingly skittish and checks very often. Wait for him to start down the ladder then approach it. When he has made it down, give it a couple seconds then drop down. If he gets ahead of you here, that is just fine. Just be sure to hurry if he does. Listen to what he has to say to know what is going on.

Hurry to the end if he gets far ahead of you. When the Hoducks give the all clear, rush in and kill the little bag mag. Start with a Shock-type weapon to strip away his solid shield. After that use Fire-type weaponry to quickly kill him. He can jump around invisible which is very annoying. More so is when he does that he will leave behind a Corrosive grenade. Do not approach anything there until he has moved again or the grenade has exploded. Just keep this up until you put him in his grave. Now head to the table he was at and open the large chest to reveal a pile of money.

Bonus Objective: Loot the Stashes
Take your time and explore the cavern. Work through it systematically to find all 10 cash boxes. This will give you some nice money to help things out. Most are on the side that the bag man was on. Pick them out because they are medium sized chests.

With all the loot in hand head over to the exit and use the Bag Man's key to leave this area. Now head back to the Hoduck Speedway to complete this quest. Head up the ramp you create then start retracing your steps through the tunnels taking the ladders back up.

Rewards: 2611 XP, $55 (with Bonus), Blue Shotgun