Borderlands Walkthrough Part 47 – Sanctuary Sidequests, Part 6: Claptrap's Birthday Bash, Won't Get Fooled Again

Claptrap's Birthday Bash
Time to work with Claptrap again for Experience and money. Head over to his Secret Stash to the West of the Crimson Raider's Command. Talk with Claptrap to learn more about what he wants. He wants to celebrate his birthday by having his friends over to his little area. He will pass you invitations for Moxxi, Scooter and Marcus. While a timer appears it is paused. There is nothing to worry about with it right now.

Scooter can be found in his garage as always. While he says he could go, he is not. Time to move on. Moxxi can be found at Moxxxi's. Head on in and talk with her. She will also decline, and tells you to give Claptrap her purely platonic love. Head on over to Marcus. He is in his shop. Go talk with him and he just laughs and says no. It is at this point Claptrap calls you back to start the party itself.

Head to Claptrap's Stash and over to him. Talk with him to start things up. He tells you to start the boombox. Fire it up and just wait. Try to enjoy the music. Help yourself to the pizza and blow one of the party favors when Claptrap asks. This whole experience will be over when the timer reaches zero. Good luck surviving it. Once it is over talk with Claptrap to finish out the quest and get your reward.

Rewards: $275, 1305, Green Pistol or Green Assault Rifle

Won't Get Fooled Again
Head over to the Marshal who is by the dead body with 4 men around him. You get to solve a murder with this man. Talk with him to get things started. He wants you to figure out which of these 4 identical men killed the boy on the group so the Marshal does not have to hang all 4 of them.

Bonus Objectives:
Talk with Marshal
The marshal is right there so go ahead and talk with him. He reports a single Gunshot wound to the throat. It is a very good start.

Talk with Dr. Zed
He can be found in his clinic as always. He explains that one of them came in and he took the bullet out. The guy overpaid him, but he is not complaining.

Talk with Moxxi
Head over to her joint and talk with her. She explains that one of them came in demanding “Safe Haven”. She fired on him 3 times, with one bullet getting through the shield.

Time to solve the mystery. A single bullet and one of them has a sniper rifle. Makes it clear. Accuse the one with the Sniper Rifle (Barlo) and the rest can go free. If you accuse the wrong one, the guilty one will start running. Quickly accuse him and the Marshal will take care of things. Talk with the Marshal again to collect your rewards.

Reward: 1305 XP, $165, Blue Handgun