Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 47 – Fink's Slaughterhouse Sidequests: Bandit Slaughter: Round 1

If you have access to Fink's Slaughterhouse you can access it once you get to the fridge. Take a moment to use the full array of vending machines to restock and reload on whatever you need after the adventure you had with Sanctuary. When you are ready, talk with Fink to get the first part of the quest: “Bandit Slaughter”.

When you are ready to participate head into the Slaughter Factory. There you will find a platform in the center. Head around it until you find the ladder attached to it. Head up the ladder and go to the center of the platform to start off the fight. From there head to the console on your left and interact with it to start the slaughter.

Survive. Even if you make it all the way to the end, if you die before that final bell, you will need to start over. Keep a close eye on your health and focus on the enemies that tend to give you the most trouble.

Optional Objective:
Kill 10 Bandits with Critical Hits

Wave 1
The first round is not too hard with a lot of Marauders of varying types, a few psychos, a Goliath and a couple Nomads. Just keep alert and it should not be too hard. Take some time to rack up a few critical hit kills as things only get harder as the waves progress onwards.

Wave 2
This one has more Marauders and a few Psychos. The problem is there are also Suicide Psychos in there so keep ready for a quick change to something to simply blast them away. Fight your way through it. The conclusion is something very different from the rest of the fight few a few Badass Marauders coming in followed by a Lab Rat. Do not let the Lab Rat get close as it has Laser Eyes.

Wave 3
When you get here it starts with a couple Goliaths and a Badass Goliath. Deal with the badass first as he has the most dangerous weapon and you really do not want him to rage at you. Once they go down you have some Shotgun Midgets, Midget Rats, and Killer Marauders. The final part has you against a badass psycho and a number of marauders and Rats acting as support. Just keep the fight up and this will bring the round to an end.