Borderlands Walkthrough Part 46 – Sanctuary Sidequests, Part 5: The Good, The Bad, The Mordecai

Head to the Sanctuary Bounty Board after completing “A Train to Catch” but before turning it in. Otherwise you need to wait until after completing “Bright Lights, Flying City” to do this quest. Once accepted you need to head out to the Dust to begin tracking down Carson. Head for Goose's Roost in the Dust. Remember that you need to jet in there using the slab that stretches over it in the Dust.

Once you make it into Goose's Roost you will need to track down an ECHO recorder. It is to the South of the Volleyball net so it takes some effort and a lot of bullets to get to. Not much has changed since you were here for “Too Close For Missiles.” When you do find the ECHO Recorder, Mordecai recognizes the other person looking for his weaponry. Hr tells you that you need to head to the Hyperion Friendship Gulag to find Carson and break him out of there. Pull out Corrosive Weaponry as there are a lot of robots to be fought in that area.

Head to the Northwest from Goose's Roost to get to the Friendship Gulag. Once there start going to the East. Restock on ammo then head down into the first Prison yard. You have plenty of GUN Loaders and at least one Combat Engineer. Start firing your way through with your corrosive weapon.

If you need some help with the Loaders look around for the Necrophage plants. They explode into corrosive acid so take advantage of that if you are lacking the needed weapon. They are very plentiful so it only takes a little maneuvering to position from one plant to the next.

Now fight your way steadily to the North. There is a lot in the way and just remember what you know about Loaders. GUN will shoot and throw grenades at you. EXP run up and explode. WAR can use missile barrages against you.

Just keep at it until you make to the prison cell with Carson. To investigate the cell you need to jump up onto it from the nearby chests then head through the hole in the top of the cell. From there you can easily grab the ECHO Recorder and be on your way. It reveals the second person interested in the stash. Time to head back out of the Friendship Gulag. Retrace your steps to avoid any more conflicts if you do not want to deal with them.

Once you are back in The Dust, head down to the Catch-A-Ride, grab some wheels and head to the East toward the marker. This means going over to Ellie's Garage and cutting straight through to the back. Hop out of your vehicle from there and start toward the marker. This will lead you through Bug Gulch to Boot Hill. Bug Gulch is overrun with Spiderants. If you have a Fire-Type weapon then now is a good time to pull it out. Corrosive works pretty well too.

Head to the Northwest in Bug Gulch along the upper path. If you stay up high it will limit just how many Spiderants you need to fight. Otherwise there are plenty that will try to eat you on the lower path. After all that you will find yourself at Boot Hill. There you will need to search some of the graves to find the stash. Look at the tombstone nearest the church to find the stash. This will draw out both Mobley and Gettle. This leads to a Truxican Standoff. Back off and let the 2 fight each other some. If you have an electrical weapon you can blast through both of their shields. For Gettle, you want a Corrosive-Type weapon to eat through his armor. Mobley is just flesh and blood underneath his shield so fire.