Borderlands Walkthrough Part 45 – Bright Lights, Flying City: Getting Up To Sanctuary

Head to the Highlands and for the marker. Still, the best way to do that is to hop into a Light Runner from the nearby Catch-A-Ride. Just be careful as there are Turrets from the nearby factory that can target you and will blast you along with some Repair Surveyors.

Once you mount up on a Runner head to the West then to the Northwest along the road. Just keep on the road, swinging by the Fast Travel station near the bridge then continue on to the North through the tunnel. Once you make it through the tunnel turn to the North immediately to start toward the town that the Guardian told you about. Get a corrosive/explosive weapon ready that has plenty of ammo, you are going to need it. Head up the stairs to the marked place to deploy the supply beacon. Once in place pull out your weapon of choice and get ready.

Defending the Beacon
There are a lot of loaders to deal with throughout the fight but there is something to know about the beacon as you are beginning this fight. First: It can be repaired. Second: the next wave will not start until the beacon has been repaired. Take advantage of these 2 facts to get through this fight a little easier.

You want to be able to cover a lot of ground without exposing yourself too much. Head up the stairs behind the Bounty Board to the Southeast of the Beacon. This lets you see the Loaders as they are coming in and gives you a good position to wipe them out before they get to the beacon.

Protecting the Beacon
From your perch fire down onto them to keep them interested in you and less so in the beacon. While it  can be repaired, Angel is very insistent on it being functional for the entirety of the fight. You cannot fail because of the broken beacon.

The first few waves are simple enough with GUN Loaders and a few Surveyors. Keep an eye on the surveyors and have your shock-type weapon handy for those shielded varieties. Things will just keep getting more intense as the fight wears on. Eventually though Jack gets tired of things not working out for him and orders a Constructor be sent in. When that drops, deal with a few Loaders more than focus onto the Constructor.

Remember the last fight hat was not too long ago. Once again, its Red Eye is its critical point. Start with a Shock-type weapon to strip away its shields then fire on it with Corrosive damage to eat through its armor. When it raises a port start running as it is about to drop a very high yield missile and you do not want to me anywhere near where you were standing.

Once the Constructor is down, head back to the beacon. Make sure it is running. Jack throws one more wave at you and it is nothing but the best of the Loaders. Take them down quickly with Corrosive weaponry. Once they go down, head for the new Fast Travel station and Angel will connect it to Sanctuary. Head on up to finish this mission out by reporting to Crimson Raiders HQ and talking with Roland. He will give you the second Weapon Storage Deck upgrade, allowing you to equip 4 weapons at once. Enjoy it.