Borderlands Walkthrough Part 44 – Bright Lights, Flying City: Getting To The Beacon

With the direct path blocked it is time to work around things. Be sure that you have Corrosive, Shock and Fire-Type weaponry on hand for this area. If you, likely you will find some en route. Head to the West to get started. In this area you will encounter another new type of Enemy: Stalkers. They all have shield even though they are beast and they can cloak. This makes them that much harder to fight. However, they do not cloak until they are provoked. Heading to the North then West you will encounter some Needle Stalkers. If you have a Shock-type weapon, this is the time to use it. As long as they have their shield, they can cloak. Once they do not, they are plainly visible.

Head to the West and over the river. Deal with all the Stalkers in this area or you will be in major trouble very soon. As you move on toward the West and toward the Hyperion Eridium Extractor you will encounter HOT Loaders. These flamethrowing units pose a major threat on their own but mixed in with Stalkers and you will not last very long at all.

Once you get through them head down into the area they were in. Head to the West as far as you can then turn to the South. It will lead you right to the Plant you are looking for. The Guardian will contact you again and tell you that you need to cross the Waterway to get one of the beacons you are after. With that, head on to the South. There is plenty to see and kill around here.

You will immediately be attacked by a few Repair Surveyors who will be backed up with Loaders and Combat Engineers. The Combat Engineers are like Repair Surveyors, just human and a lot easier to kill without Corrosive damage. Fire Damage will take care of them quickly. Just work your way over to the West and deal with all these threats. Making for the a South by West approach makes it an easier run. You will eventually arrive at a cargo bridge that the Guardian will prompt you to cross. Before you can do that though an EXP Loader will appear and take out the bridge controls.

With that path gone, look to the right and above. There is a GUN Loader firing on you from a railway that crosses the gap. Head to the Northeast along the railing above the river and you will find the base of the railway. Head over to it and head up it.

Once at the top, hit the button in front of you and look to the right. A cart will come over for you to use to cross. Board it and then turn around and hit the button again to send the cart back across the gap. Turn to the South and down there. Look to the right and you will find yourself facing down a constructor. These things are lethal killing machines and cause of some concern. Aim for its Red Eye to get critical hits and pull out your corrosive weapons to tear through its armor. Unload on this thing and anytrhing that really poses a threat to you. Take some time to spare a machine or two in case you need a second wind. Constructors can do massive damage with their laser beams.

Once the Constructor is down, head through the gate and toward the beacon. The Guardian will contact you again, revisiting the plans. Approach the marker and it is revealed to be held by a Gluttonous Thresher. This fight calls for a few types of weapons so hopefully you have some variety yet.

To start, pull out a Shock-type weapon to rip through the Gluttonous Thresher’s shield. Keep a corrosive weapon on hand through and a Fire-Type as well. When it comes to this fight there are 3 things you need to worry about. The first is the Thresher’s shield which the Shock-type weapon will eliminate. Second are the Loaders Hyperion will send at the Thresher. Use the corrosive on them. Finally fire to tear through the Thresher’s health with ease. That or just keep firing with the corrosive damage. It is the damage over time that will carry the day. Once the thresher goes down, collect the beacon and head into the next area to the West of where you just fought the Thresher.