Borderlands Walkthrough Part 43 – Bright Lights, Flying City: Finding Sanctuary

Head on toward the door for the Fridge. The Guardian Angel will defrost it for you. With that done, head through it and into the Fridge. In the starting area of the Fridge you have nearly the full set of vending machines to get things restocked. Head deeper into the Fridge to hear more of what the Guardian Angel has to say about Jack's plan. When you reach the far side, look to the left of the doors to find the switch that will open up the doors.

On the other side of the doors you will have a few Rats to deal with. Do not let them steal something and make it back to their stash. If they do, it is gone for good. Start heading over to the West. After that turn to the North.

It is along this path you will encounter a lot rats and a Badass Rakk. Watch the skies as you fight through the second group of rats as that is where the Rakk will likely attack you. Killing it nets some nice experience. After that though, keep to the North.

On the way keep a wary on the Rats that try to get close. If one of them is a Thief Rat, kill him immediately. He will steal items and money given the chance. If he makes it back to the stash, it is gone. If he robs you, chase him down and murder him brutally for daring to do just that. After that, stay on the upper platform and head to the North. You will find a large chest with loot but also it affords a nice view of the area below.

In this new around you will encounter Crystalisk. These are interesting creatures as you can score critical hits on them by shooting into the crystalline structures that house their legs. This will also break off crystals that are worth money and can be collected. There are 2 ways to kill these creatures. The first is just inflicting enough damage through their front legs by breaking the crystals off of them. The second is take out all 3 crystalline structures on all 3 of their legs. Be careful with this one though as the Crystalisk will explode when the third leg is completely shot through. They also seem to have the ability to reflect most Elemental types of damage, so watch out for your own ricochetting bullets.

Just make your way to the Western exit off the Ice maw Ghetto. From there, look for another massive door and to the left of it you will find the switch to open it up. Head forward onto the elevator and pull the switch. The Guardian Angel tells you where to find the key as you descend to the next lower level.

When the elevator stops start going forward again. From there you will make it to the Highlands Outwash. Just head forward to the search area to continue onward looking for Sanctuary and everyone in it. Sanctuary will re-appear and Lilith will proclaim her awesomeness for it. The Angel tells you to use the nearby marked Fast travel. Do so and it is revealed Sanctuary is disconnected from the network. Time to head for the Eridium Extraction Plant and get there another way.