Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 42 – Rising Action

After having talked with Lt. Davis turn around and head over to the power source. Pull out the old Power Core and then place the new one in. Be sure to hit the Bounty Board so you can get the mission there as well as talking with Lilith (which you will need to do anyway), before you put the new core in.  Once that core goes in, all chaos breaks loose. Jack reveals something big and the bombardment begins.

From there, sprint into town and get to the center. Approach Scooter and he will tell you what needs to be done, cycle the ignition primers. He has the one he is working on but there are 2 other that need to be tended to. Run over to Ignition Primer 1 and interact with it to get things started. After that, run over to the next marker to the West. Run over there and interact with it to finish things here.

After that, turn to the North and dash for the Command Center. Head inside and up the stairs in front of you. Jack will be bragging here so take a moment to listen. After that, head into the room with Roland. Grab the 5 Eridium nuggets and then run back to the center of town. You can just turn to the South and start running. Pass through the Command Room itself and jump from the Balcony to the center of town. From there just head to Lilith who is trying to do something. After all that, just head out of Sanctuary and then it is time to make for the Fridge.

Be sure to take a little time to visit the Happy Pig Motel in Three Horns - Valley. If you completed the “No Vacancy” quest there earlier you will find yourself with a mission from Claptrap, “The Ice Man Cometh”. With that in hand, it is truly time to head for The Fridge.