Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 41 – Three Horns Sidequest: The Ice Man Cometh

Head out to Three Horns – Valley and visit the Happy Pig Motel Bounty Border. There you will find this mission from Claptrap. Acquire it, head to the right and grab the dynamite there. Now return to Three Horns – Divide where you can work on the quest properly.

Once there head to the South toward the markers, just turn to the right before you make it to the Catch-A-Ride by the Southern exit from Three Horns – Valley. Head South through the tunnels it will not be long before you find your way to the entrance of the area: the Drydocks. Once there head into it. You have the usual variety of Crazed Marauders and Nomads in the opening part. It is nothing too bad to deal with.

Once the first wave has been dealt with head North and up the stairs to the right from the entrance. Once at the top of the stairs head to the right and go over to the first marked furnace. Rig it with dynamite and start for the second and third.

Head to the Northwest, for the building diagonal to the one you just rigged. As you approach you have another wave of bandits to fight through. This one has Nomads, Crazed Marauders, Psychos, Suicide Psychos and a Badass Nomad. Head for the overhang that is just a little farther North to the West. Look under there to find the next furnace. Head back to the main thoroughfare and continue North to the next set of Western stairs. Take those up and then turn to the South. Look along the Eastern side of the building to find the next furnace.

With those 2 rigged, head over to the Northeastern building. It is here you will find the final 2 furnaces. Head up the stairs to find the first one them just next to a chest. Now continue to the East across the platform and look for the next set of stairs going up on this side. Just take them to the top and you will find the final furnace on the other side from where you come up. Loot the chest then rig the final furnace.

With that, head to the center of the Drydock and interact with the trigger there. After Claptrap finishes laughing and finally the dynamite goes off you have one more challenge: Kill the 8 Freezing Psychos that come charging at you. Just tear through them.

When you are done with all of that head back to the Happy Pig Motel Bounty Board and turn this quest in.

Rewards: 2333 XP, $246, Green Grenade Mod/Green Shield