Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 40 – Tundra Express Sidequest: Mine, All Mine

Head to Lilith in Sanctuary after defeating Wilhelm in “A Train to Catch”. From there head out to the Tundra Express where you can start tracking down the different miners and learn what is going on here. Head out to the Northeastern part of the Tundra Express where you will find the mine you are looking for. You will arrive at Mount Molehill Mine. Enter into the area and you have some Miner Rats, a Goliath Digger and a number of Psycho Miners. Fight through them all and after that you will be able to press on deeper toward the mine itself.

When all the surface miners are taken out then you need to take down the Top Prospector, Zeke. If you want to go for the optional objective, you need to search the area some for a Slag barrel or attack with a Slag-type weapon.

Head over toward the Western side of the mining facility on the topside and look for the slag barrel there. There is also on along the Eastern side as well. Keep those in mind and head for the marker by the front of the mine itself.

To get up to the mine entrance itself requires some timing and jumping. Make your way onto the buildings in the center of the facility and look for the conveyer belt. You want to jump onto that and run up it. The first part is somewhat easy then it gets a little harder. You need to run through the crushers that are on the belt. Good timing will carry the day, just start when the closest one begins to ascend. Just run through it all and you will find yourself on the other side without much hassle. Turn to the left and go up the belt from there then turn to the right to reach the top.

When you make it to the top then you will find the person you are looking for only too quickly. Just make sure that you Kill Prospector Zeke using Slag-type weaponry else you will not get the bonus objective. You can get him low using other elemental types then finish him with a blast of Slag. To turn this quest in head over to Tina's.

Rewards: 2333 XP, 4 Eridium