Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 39 – Sidequest: You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP & Tea Time

Now you need to find the Guest of Honor: Flesh-Stick. The real trick here is getting him to the Tea Party ALIVE. This just requires some careful shooting and having a pistol with a slower rate of fire (and best not be explosive). Pistols offer plenty of ammo even without upgrades so it is easier to pull the next part off.

Once you have a weak gun, head to the marker at Meltwater Crossing. Hold onto your standard loadout for now as you still need to fight through the Crossing to find Flesh-Stick. Once Flesh-Stick appears and you do not have too many immediate threats fire a few rounds from the weak weapon near him to get his attention. From there, work back toward the Workshop with him. Just run, occasionally turning around to fire off another round (or if you have good shields that will not kill him when depleted, let him hit you). Just run

Rewards: 3500 XP, $123, Green Rocket Launcher/Green Grenade Mod

Tea Time
It is finally time for tea with Tina. After you start this mission, take a moment to visit the nearby Ammo Vending Machine and top off your supplies. This next part is not going to be easy and you will want a lot of ammo anyway. When you are ready head over to the marked switch and throw it to bring in Flesh-Stick. He has the usual taunt. After that, oblige Tina with her request. It is after that the mission will swing into full gear.

The first wave is easy enough with it just being Psychos. The second wave gets a little harder with Killer Marauders. This is followed with you taking on Nomad Torturers with Midgetted shields. It just gets harder from there. It will move up to a small group of Elite Marauders coming at you. After that, Badass marauders followed by some Goliaths. You get a small break after that with some Marauders, a few of them Killer. It all wraps up with a Badass Goliath. Take him down then head over to Tina and turn in the quest.

Rewards: 2333 XP, Blue Pistol