Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 38 – Tundra Express Sidequest: You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep

First order of business here is to emancipate Sir Reginald from his mother. Head to the Southwestern area of the Tundra Express. Head over to the Southwest corner, fighting through the Varkids and picking off any Buzzards over the Academy that is nearby. When you get to the area you will be fighting, it will make sense: The Skittering Mound. It is a flat expanse nearby the Buzzard Academy so you need to pay attention to the Buzzards.

Once on the flat, head forward and you will encounter Madame Von Bartlesby, who is Welsh, and she is adamant that Sir Reginald not join the party. The best way to deal with Madame Von Bartlesby quickly is via the Rocket Launcher. It will ensure her compliance in only a few shots. Once she is down, head over to the marker to find Sir Reginald.

Now you are given a few more objectives: Collect Princess Fluffybutt, gather scrapmetal from buzzards, and the optional objective of collecting crumpets.

These are found in the heart of the Buzzard Academy so be ready if you go after those. While you can approach from the West, by the train tracks, you will find it is a short run in front the front of the Academy from the East. There are plenty of Marauders and Nomads in this area plus the Buzzards themselves call for consideration. You can just run in and out though.

This appear around the Academy in the Southwestern part of Tundra Express. Just wait and look around the Academy and they will appear. Shoot them down and they will drop the scrap metal you are after. They will appear en mass if you just wait a little bit.

Princess Fluffybutt:
She is located to the Southeast of Buzzard Academy. Just head on over to the marker that sits nearby the house North of the Tundra Express Fast Travel station.

With all that gathered head into Tiny Tina's Workshop and sit the 2 guest you have collected so far. From there talk with Tina to move onto the next part of the quest.

Rewards: 2333 XP, $49