Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 37 – A Train to Catch: Hijacking The Train

With the damsels in hand it is time to deal with the train. Head to the East of Tina's Workshop and you will find where you need to put the damsels. Of course, it is not as simple as it looks.

Head over to Meltwater Crossing where the markers are. If you have not cleared the area previously there are a lot of Marauders and some Nomads to deal with. Fight your way through as needed. When you get close to the markers, you will notice they are on a platform above you. Just approach the house they are on and you will see a ladder to climb up with.

On the roof head over to the spikes that sit on the far side. Place the damsels there and Tina will tell you to poke their bellies to arm them. She will take care of the rest.

When all the dust settles head over to the rail's wreckage and start climbing up the incline that was created. At the top you will find the travel icon you need to move. Do yourself a favor though and be sure that you have a corrosive and a shock weapon on hand. It will be handy in the near future.

You are now in End of the Line. Just ignore the explosions for now. Start by heading to the South after checking the vending machines. If you find the Dr. Zed offers a Shock Immunity Shield, grab it, Resistance does not help too much to keep the shield in place.

Head to the first open area. This will have you encounter a small number of GUN Loaders. Engage them with a Corrosive Weapon to simply ruin their day. After that work your way to the South. You will find the next area has more GUN Loaders. Head forward to the following path that leads to an open area and you you have Repair Surveyors, EXP Loaders and GUN Loaders.

Take the path as it heads to the Southeast and you have more EXP Loaders to deal with. Quickly take them out and press on. When you are closing in on the Fast Travel Station you will cross over to the Terminus Plateteau. The Fast Travel Station is one way so be wary of using it as you would then need to cross Tundra Express and End Of The Line.

When you make it the Terminus Plateau, pull out your your Corrosive and Shock Weapon, things are about to go wrong.

It is time to deal with Wilhelm for the first time. The good news is he starts without shields. Pull out your corrosive weapon and unload on him as best you can. He will deploy a Repair Surveyor to remedy this but it is easy enough to deal with it and him at once. Destroy it and it will be a little while before he will spawn 2 to take its place. Here is where the Shock Weapon will come in very handy. Use it to quickly rip through the surveyors and then whatever shields Wilhelm got.

Wilhelm has a number of different abilities. He can deploy Repair Surveyors, though in limited number, and he can free GUN Loaders from the train cars nearby. In addintion to all that he effectively has 3 attacks that you need to worry about. The first is a whirlwind attack that he uses against melee opponents. This is his most common attack so watch for it. He also has a charge move but does not use it very much. The second attack of concern is when he lifts and aims his arms at you. He is about to unleash a grenade volley. Charge him to get the grenades to fly over your head. Finally he has a missile barrage. You will know it is coming when orange lights appear on his shoulders. From

With all of that in mind, just keep moving and unloading on Wilhelm. More than anything, keep through Repair Surveyors from restoring Wilhelm's shields. If you destroy them quickly then they cannot do anything for Wilhelm. Be sure to also work over any Loaders just to keep life simple. Keep moving and firing on Wilhelm and he will go down.

When Wilhelm drops, loot his body for the Power Core that he has. Collect any remaining loot and then head off to Sanctuary to move toward the end of this mission. Head back to Sanctuary with the One-Way Fast Travel Station to move onto the next mission, just talk with Lt. Davis.