Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 36 – Tundra Express Side Quests, Part 1

Mighty Morphin'
Head over to Moxxxi's in Sanctuary and talk with Sir Hammerlock to get this sidequest. He wants you to track down some Varkids in Tundra Express and force them to evolve. While they are in their cocooned state he wants you to hit them with his serum so he can study their morphing properties.

Once there it is a little tricky to intentionally get one of the Varkids to cocoon itself. First, there must be other members of the same swarm still around. Second, you have a limited time frame to approach the cocoon and inject it with the serum. Once it hatches you need to face down a Mutant Badass Adult Varkid. Nothing good there, just blast it with the best you have to take it down quickly. Sir Hammerlock tells you that he needs 4 more samples. Same process, force the morph, kill the Varkid then loot the corpse for the sample.

As you have encountered it before, it is easier to take on. It is still a hard fight so be ready and have your action skill on hand to ensure that it can be taken down. Once you have all 5 samples, return to Sanctuary and visit Moxxxi's to give them to Sir Hammerlock.

Reward: 2333XP, $246 Green SMG

No Hard Feelings
This one is found in Tundra Express. Simply just kill bandits until one drops this ECHO Recording. Pick it up and accept the quest to hear the recording. Head to the Southeast over to the Marker to find the garage where Will the Bandit kept his guns in Varkid Ranch. It is a trap.

When you approach the garage a chest will rise up from the platform. Go ahead, approach and open it. From there back away immediately. There are enough explosives there to kill you. Now deal with the Freezing Psychos that come running at you followed by some Marauders. When you kill them all you can loot the chest for a second time and choose either of the rewards.

Rewards: 3500 XP, $123, Blue Shotgun or Assault Rifle