Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 33 – A Train to Catch: Tiny Tina's Ladies

Head back to Sanctuary and into the Commander Center. Take some time to just listen in on Lilith and Roland. After that, talk with Roland to get things moving. Now head to Marcus Munitions or any Gun Vending Machine and buy whatever Fire-type weapon you want. When you are ready head on out to Three Horns – Divide. Once there head to the Northwestern exit of the area. There is a Catch-A-Ride Terminal there beside the exit. Once there just cross over to the Tundra Express.

When you get there he will ask you to make a lot of noise. You need to Ignite 3 Varkids to make enough noise. Pull out your Fire-type weapon and get ready for action. Head into the marked search area and be ready for some fighting. Varkids are curious insects that evolve given the chance. To complete this mission you need to ignite 3 Varkids simultaneously. This is trickier than it sounds. However if you can lure them over to a fire melon and blast that, it will likely do the trick for you.

This will trigger the introduction for Mordecai from the original Borderlands. He will tell you what you need to know for the next part of the quest. After that Roland will direct you toward his friend Tina who is found in the central part of the map, to the North of Varkid Ranch. Head around to the North where you will need to take on some Nomads and the new Shock Nomad. Kill them then approach the gate that is in the Northern face of the mountain. Tina will let you in after that and thus we see her introduction. Go over and talk with her after that.

She will explain that she can help you and she has the tools. The problem is that her ladies are missing their badonkadonks. This means you need to head back out to the Tundra Express and find them. You can find them both to the West of Tina's Hideout.

Head South around Ripoff Station and press onto the West to find the camp: Buzzard Academy. Inside there you will hear Tina taunt the Bandits for stealing the first pair of badonkadonks. The bandits are very confused at this. Time to clear the camp and find them. Start with the Shock-Nomadics that are around. After that you have Killer Marauders and some Buzzards that will come in shortly after. Start making a sweep through the camp, killing everyone and everything between you and the badonkadonks. The first one for Snuggles is on the ground. It is revealed to be a missile.

Now start for the stairs to the East. If you still have Buzzards on you, which is likely, run carefully from cover to cover and watch the skies. Head up the stairs near the camp entrance and go over to the West. From there start to the North. Watch out for the Buzzards as you fight Shock-Nomadic and the accompanying Marauders. Fight your way to the North and claim the second missile.

With that, the bandits should lay off a bit (or all be dead). From there head back to Tiny Tina's Workshop and talk with her. She will be ecstatic about it but then ask you to leave the garage so she can finish the damsels. Do so, enjoy singing and talking then look onto the 2 damsels that have been attached to high-yield missiles. Time to start working on that train. After you grab the girls, Tina will have a side quest for you.