Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 34 – Bloodshot Stronghold Sidequests

Splinter Group
Head into the Commander Center in Sanctuary and talk with Tannis. She will offer you a job to track down some of the mutants that have escaped from the Hyperion preserve. She will tell you to head to Moxxxi's to get the bait that she has ordered for this mission. Head into the bar and over to the right. It is pretty easy to find sitting on the table. Now head over to the Fast Travel Station and get to the Bloodshot Stronghold.

Once inside the Stronghold head forward to the first sewer room, the third one in with the Nomads and Psychos (and the Badass Psycho). Once you get there, jump over the railing and head to the West into the newly exposed passage. Head over to the left from the New-U unit and climb up the ladder there then turn to the North. Head through the passage a little ways and you will find a room with Tunnel Rats and some Field Rats inside. Next comes a Lab Rat for you to deal with.

When all those are dead head forward to the North up the stairs. Look down the sewer in front of you to scope out the few Rats that are ahead of you. Kill them then head to the Intercom at the end of the tunnel. Buzz it to talk with the mutants and get buzzed in. Drop into the hole that opens in front of you. This will lead to to the Rat's Nest. Now just go forward and place the pizza on the table in front of you.

This will put you against the Rat-type enemies one at a time. First is Lee, then Dan, Ralph and finally Mick. The first round with each shows what they have then they will attack you. After that they will band together to attack you.

Loot their bodies then you can leave by going to the North through the open door. Continue on until you find the room of the TV and the couch. Do not do anything in here aside from loot, leave the valves, switches, lever and TV alone. This is a hidden puzzle that has some reward for you. Look above the Dahl chest and you will notice 5 red lights. If you can get them all to green, you will get a reward. Here is one solution to it:
Valve: 0 spins, TV: 1 pushes, Floor Lever: 3 Pulls, Wall Switch: 2 flips

This will reveal Flinter, the final mutant that was missing from earlier. Just kill him with fire and shock-type damage to finish out this completely.

Out of Body Experience
Head into the Bloodshot Stronghold. Wander through it for the first few rooms of the dam. You will find some Bloodshots stomping on a Loader. It will explode after a while so just wait for that. After that approach the scene and you will find Loader #1340 AI Core. Pick it up to trigger this mission.

Head on out to the Ramparts of the Dam. Take a little time to restock and arm yourself with something corrosive or exploding. Stop by the vending machines near the start of the Ramparts to clear whatever you may have collected on the way out that you do not need. Now head forward to the quest marker that is nearby. Switch to your corrosive/explosive weaponry and get ready. Insert the core into the body. It will unleash a number of Loaders to attack you. Fight them off and destroy the first body.

Now head to the next marker one section over. Before you approach and insert the AI core into the WAR Loader body be sure to kill off all the local bandits to stop them from attacking you alongside the AI in its WAR Loader body. Once inside it will, of course, try to kill you again. It will summon up a GUN and a Repair Surveyor. Keep your wits about you as this WAR Loader can unleash barrages of missiles. Make good use of cover and this should be a very easy fight.

Once the AI Core is down again it will ask you to help it find a peaceful form. Head back to Sanctuary with the AI and go to Moxxxi's where you can attach the AI core to a radio. After some horrible music you will be prompted to kill the radio. Now #1340 gives you 2 options: Dr. Zed and Marcus.

Rewards: 2333 XP, Blue Shotgun (that talks) or Blue Shield