Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 33 – A Dam Fine Rescue: Rescue Roland: W4R-D3N

This is an interesting boss fight. First, it deploys 2 robots to aid itself. One is a repair surveyor and the second is a loader. The main difference between and the usual varieties is they have shields. If you have Shock and Corrosive Damage weapons this fight will get a lot easier. In most other cases you better have plenty of ammo (use the Fast Travel if you need to restock there).

Once the equipment is ready it is time to work on the fight itself. Focus on the W4R-D3N if you want to keep this fight brief. Open with Shock-type attacks to strip away its shield quickly. Follow it up with whatever Corrosive damage you can. As soon as it goes down then Roland can join the fight.

While you fight the W4R-D3N, watch the situation around you. Roland will shot out advice on the Loader types you will be dealing with but also tips on taking down W4R-D3N. More than anything keep mobile and keep an eye on where cover is. Just remember that as long as the  W4R-D3N has Roland it cam keep a good number of Loaders out.

Once the W4R-D3N has gone down then the more intense waves of Loaders start. Roland helps keep all of this in check with his own skills and his Scopio Turret. If you need some healing, head over there in a hurry to get some patching up. It also offers a surprising amount of cover with its transparent shield from its sides. If you want to get closer to the fight but stay in cover, this is your ticket to doing just that.

The final addition to the fight will be a Badass Loader. Handle it like all the others, pulling out the corrosive damage to tear through its armor quickly. Just keep moving and using cover as best you can.

You can turn in the quest, when completed by talking with Roland. Be sure to loot the car trunk chest to the right of him first. Now follow Roland over to the Fast Travel station and from there you can get back to Sanctuary and start the next story mission.