Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Part 32 – A Dam Fine Rescue: Rescue Roland

Press on to the South and you have more Crazed Marauders and Psychos waiting for you in the next room. They are quick and easy to deal with. You are almost to Roland now. Head into the room after and Flanksteak will berate his men for not keeping you away from Roland. Fight through the last of the resistance between you and Roland. When you make it there you have an introduction scene with Roland where he takes down a few Hyperion Robots. Back away from the cage after that then it is time to fight a boss. Run through the open space across the bridge. You can ignore all the Bloodshot if you want and just head for the top of the dam.

The Dam
Once on top of the dam you have your work cut out for you. Not only do you have the EXP and GUN Loaders but you have the Bloodshot Bandits to deal with as well. Start working your way to the Northeast from the starting point. If you have a Corrosive weapon, pull it out as it is very handy against Armored foes like the Loaders.

Head North, dealing with the Loaders and start through the first bunker. On the other side you have a Killer Maurader fighting a number of Loaders. He is very short term aid. Once the robots are gone he will fire on you. Kill him just before that then take out the remaining robots. Press on toward the Northeast into the next area. Deal with the Loaders after waiting for them to kill any of the Bloodshot you do not want to deal with. Flanksteak will also get killed as he broadcast over the ECHO talking with a Hyperion Loader. Head over to the East and pass through the next bridge.

This section starts simply with a robot jumping down on you. From there you can go either left or right, they both lead to the next section of the dam. Going right has one of the Loaders skewering a Marauder while going left avoids that scene. Fight through it, then the bandits an the Loaders in the next part. Heading to the North you will find yourself facing a Badass Loader. Here a Corrosive Weapon will be your salvation (or lots of explosives). Duck in and out of cover fighting this one.

Once you deal with the Badass head North and deal with a few more Loaders then a pair of Repair Surveyors. Break to the East after that to head up the slope and continue onwards towards Roland. This final stretch is filled with Loaders and Surveyors. It is much better to head a little to the South then break to the East opposed to just heading straight in. This will give you some high ground and a lot more cover than just heading straight in. Keep this in mind as you approach Roland. There are a few waves of Loaders yet.

When you make it the Fast Travel Station then you are good to go and face down the W4R-D3N.